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Don Cheadle

Screw Card Counting

Casinos are the Villains

5/4/2014 5:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Cheadle doesn't know jack about card-counting, but he's definitely on Ben Affleck's side ... because he clearly thinks the casinos are the real bad guys

Our photog got Don leaving Locanda Portifino Friday in Santa Monica ... and the Oscar winner was on him game.  He knew it wasn't illegal to count cards, and he doesn't feel the least bit sorry for casinos which he thinks cross the ethical line all the time.

TMZ broke the story ... Ben was booted from the Hard Rock for allegedly counting cards at the blackjack table.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Of course Cheadle thinks that. Anything that takes money out of HIS pocket is bad. Now for him to vote to have it taken from others? "Social justice". He's a Clooney pal, you know.

171 days ago

Khloe D.    

I don't get it, if card count isn't considered illegal. Then what's the problem? If Ben felt the need to count to gain some advantage then good for him. The casino's have there advantage why can't he?

171 days ago

Khloe D.    

Wish I knew how to count cards. Maybe I'd be able to get some of my money back that they cheated me out of.

171 days ago


I'm totally on Ben's side on counting, but seriously, he's not hard up for money. Between him and his wife- hundreds of millions. Why risk public perception?

171 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

If you're not a celeb and they catch you counting, you're in Barney.

171 days ago


I absolutely agree with Don. I definitely think much more of Ben now. Casinos rob people all the time. They don't put up clocks so people don't know how long they have been gambling. Plus they give people free alcohol & then allow them to sign for credit to gamble more. They make it like a maze. So it is easy to get in, but hard to figure your way out. No one should be gambling drunk & those who are known to have gambling problems should be barred, but those are the Casinos bread & butter. Ben didn't cheat or use a device. The Casinos have all games that have the odds in their favor with one exception, black Jack. It is a game that you can learn to make your odds higher, if you are smart enough. So what do they do with people like this or just people who are on a roll & beating them badly. They say we don't want your business. Nevada is a disgrace & I hope Ben brings way more attention to this BS. If you win big at another game that have odds in the favor of the casino & you get on a roll & win to much. They either stop you from playing or give you a high rollers room. So you just play more & give them their money back. Casinos have allowed people to play drunk & lose thousands or hundreds of thousands. How is that fair? They will take your money if you lose, but God forbid you win. Then casinos wonder why people don't care if people actually cheat casinos. I bet Ben gets banned or put in the black book. Since he is now known as a card counter. They use 8 card decks I believe. So it isn't as easy as people think. They may let him play other games that give them an edge, but no more black Jack. Casinos are pathetic!!!!!!!!!

171 days ago


Card counting is NOT cheating. No devices are used. It takes some skill and brain power to keep up with the count (especially if you have a fast dealer).
Casinos are just poor losers! Blackjack already has the best odds of any game in the casino for the player (about even), and Casinos HATE it when skilled players take them for a bundle.

171 days ago


To your "genius" man on the street, he was counting not reading cards. It's not like he got busted for telling someone their fortune.

171 days ago


If 9% of the voters think card counting is cheating - that means 9% of the voters have no idea what card counting is. You just keep track of what has been played so you have a good idea where the dealer is in the pack and have a better chance of making the right move. That's not cheating, that's using your brain. Casinos hate people who use their brains because it reduces the house profit. They prefer drunken idiots who don't think and who don't realize the odds are against them actually winning over the long haul, clinging to their belief in magical winning streaks.

170 days ago
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