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Christian Okoye

Calls Out Nigerian President

What Took So Long to Hunt for 276 Girls?

5/8/2014 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Okoye Nigerian President

NFL legend Christian Okoye -- one of the most famous Nigerian-born athletes of all-time -- is calling out the President of Nigeria ... telling TMZ Sports he FAILED to take immediate action after 276 girls were abducted ... and it makes him sick. 

Okoye -- who lived in Nigeria until he was 21 -- tells us he's been following the terror crisis in his homeland and says it's "very unfortunate that things like this can go on without the world's knowledge."

But Okoye has a serious beef with President Goodluck Jonathan -- who, he claims, did NOTHING when the girls were first abducted by the Boko Haram terror group over a month ago. 

"It had been almost 4 weeks and [Jonathan] hadn't done anything," Okoye says ... "I'm happy people outside the country got involved because it prompted [him] to finally do something about it."

Within the last two weeks, the story went global -- with some of the most powerful people in the world (including Michelle Obama) raising awareness using the hashtag "BringBackOurGirls."

"The public outcry forced his hand," Okoye says ... "and it shouldn't have been the reason why he did something."

Okoye says part of the problem is the corruption in the Nigerian government -- in fact, there are reports Jonathan fired the governor of Nigeria's central bank when he learned the guy was investigating the disappearance of $20 BILLION in the country's oil revenue.

"I'm happy people outside the country pushed the President to do something. I hope that the awareness leads to the end of the crisis."

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No Avatar


I agree with you. Hopefully the girls return home safely.

171 days ago

She's baaaack    

He was probably deciding which ones he would buy before acting on doing something with the rest of them.

170 days ago


The sad truth is that in some parts of the world, girls simply have no value.

170 days ago

mike more don     

Christian Okoye is a stupid Man by making such speech

170 days ago


Please the world should come help us out of the hands of bad government

170 days ago


A lot of corruption in *****ian government , this Goodluck is the ruth of all these problems and
killings , they never wanted him to be the president
from the south east but as voted him in and God allowed
him to stay but it is quite unfortunate that he is
too weak and lazy , allowing people being killed
everyday , in fact , let the world know that we don't have any president yet , he is just acting one . All these unrest and killings are just to prove him incapable and truly he is not worth being president of the power of Africa as *****ia might be . Have you watched him speaking ? you will notice that even from how he talks like one who did not attend high school . He will soon leave Asso rock with filthy wife

170 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard -Scientologist    

What a Sh.tty place to live!

170 days ago


When northern Governors planed to kidnap their kids in order to discredit the president we are watching believe you me or not Apc as a party can never rule *****ia

170 days ago


(2011) presidential campaign
We Will Show Any Southerner Who Finds His Way To The Seat Of Power Hell - ALHAJI Lawal Kaita

Is this a coincidence or the real thing playing out?

"The North is determined if it happens, to make *****ia 'ungovernable' for President Jonathan or any other Southerner who finds his way to the seat of power on the platform of the PDP against the principle of the party's zoning policy. ANYTHING short of a northern president is tantamount to stealing our presidency. Jonathan has to go and he will go. Even if he uses in***bency power to get his nomination on the platform of the PDP, he will be 'frustrated' out." - Alhaji Lawal Kaita (2011)

170 days ago


please all that i want christian Okoye to know that no single girl is missing, this are all lies from the pit of hall. and let all this ****ing news of missing nonsense chibok girl should stop, because nobody is missing in the zoological republic of *****ia, they are all liars.

170 days ago


In one part of Africa these girls were kidnapped...and three weeks later --in another part of Africa-- they legalized polygamy. You do the math.

170 days ago


Okoye. Can you imagine 276? 15 - 18 year old girls being taken from a community that is located amongst other numerous communities and vanishing into thin air and no body saw anything? Are you aware that the schools were closed for the holidays and that only those scheduled to take exams were allowed in and that on this faithful day, Physics was the subject? Do you know that most girls, in *****ia, stay away from Physics? Are you aware that the school is a co-ed (boys and girls school) and not girls only? Do you know that the Principal of the school, including all officers of the school - not even security personnel, were in the school or near the school when the girls were abduction? Do you know that the Principal believe that no one saw the girls being taken away even though, she said, they were made to walk about one and half kilometers to board the vehicles that disappeared with them? Are you aware, Okoye, that Borno State is in a State of Emergency - that is, security personnel, including the armed forces, are everywhere in the State? Do you know if the Governor of the State who is directly responsible for happenings in his State has taken any responsible action since the incidence? Have you heard of parents whose child or children are missing refusing to give information about the child(ren) to investigators on religious grounds? Whereas, I am in no position to say if the girls were abducted or not, I ask, is there conspiracy, cover-up, etc. going on? Please use your head my brother. Onengs

170 days ago

Jerome Wachamean    


169 days ago

Jerome Wachamean    


169 days ago

Don wizzzy    

My Big broda Christian Okoye thank God you grow up in *****ia and noting has change since i am born brought up *****ian and have spent almost 28 years of my life to study that country very well the problem my people have is the government and the pastors misleading and misruling the pastor will lie and cheat our people and the government will lie and promise and fail the people all the time no change if we do not fight for real stable peace and real government in power *****ia will be a no go area because pastors only preach about money and not interested about people life and welfare is a big disgrace i want all arms of the government to step down because i can not live in *****ia as a *****ian the government will not allow people there right i know the pastors are not happy that Americans want to take over ....... please i will advice that the American and British to take over that country because *****ians every day are using there fellow human for rituals to sit on power wasting other innocent citizens blood for noting and the pastors and government are aware of this because they both use it for them selves please American help us change *****ia we are ready to share percentage of our resources to the Americans and British as long as they will help my people so many *****ians suffer in other parts of the world no body cares to know what they do there and how they do this people keep sharing the money with there family and friends no community service and no good health care no food no roads no good education no light no facilities for the poor no sports for the kids who want to get busy no house for the homeless people and funny enough the pastor still collect the poor people money on the daily base they do not want the poor to have right in *****ia. if Americans and the British government wants to know more about *****ia mater to please contact me i want my country to stand like other countries in the world because if *****ian stand in the right way we can always support the American government and the British government to improve and also help the white people and black people and other African country who need help..... we want to work please make our country stable for us this present government are all crooks. the pastor are adding more problem to the people life always lying to them using the bible and doing noting with the church offering using it for self spending and sending there kids outside the country to study and living the poor people kids behind do not care if they die or live. we do not want that type of generation that will mislead our people.

169 days ago
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