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Charles Barkley

I Refuse to Apologize

For Ripping Fat Women!

5/12/2014 5:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley says HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before he apologizes to the fat community for making fun of the large women of San Antonio ... claiming, "That's not gonna happen."

Barkley came under fire from MULTIPLE obesity organizations after he went on "Inside the NBA" and said S.A. is a "gold mine" for Weight Watchers because the women there are so huge. 

But last night, Sir Charles addressed the situation head on -- saying, "They want me to apologize? That's not gonna happen."

In fact, Charles doubled-down on the fat jokes ... and took even more shots ... telling his critics if they don't like what he's saying on the show, "Turn it off."

Big boned people .... your move.

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164 days ago



164 days ago


Barkley was not that good as a basketball player, he suceeded because his big black butt was pushing for space fouling other players, he doesnt deserve to be one of the 50 best players of the NBA

164 days ago


About time someone stands on their opinion about something without backing down from their comment because someone's feelings are hurt. This PC crap is weakening society. Big lightbulb moment of the day: Sometimes people are going to say things that you don't agree with. If your sensitive ass can't take someone's comments without getting your feelings hurt and demanding an apology for every little thing then live in a box. No light. No windows. No outside input whatsoever. I seriously wish people would stop expecting the world to change because someone says something that hurts their touchy ass feelings. Get over it. Btw, unless you have some medical reason for not being able to lose weight, you need to shut it up. When my son moved in with me at 16 he was 297 pounds. He is now 163 pounds in less than 2 years. The answer is as simple as it ever was. Less food. More exercise. Don't want to be called fat then change it.

164 days ago


Funny thing about all of this is Barkley has been saying this kind of stuff about San Antonio women for years now. Where were all the stand up and complain about something people a few weeks ago when he was talking about San Antonios Big Ol Women. He has no ill intent. He refers to his co-host with deragatory names and jokes with no depth. He's just enjoying himself and his job with a crew full of his friends and the large number of viewers, like me, who have come to know and appreciate the honesty and sheer humor of what he says. The dude is entertainment personified. Stop digging so deep for controversey. When you cast judgement based on the persona of a loved personality, yall are a little too late. Concensus is in, Barkley is money.

164 days ago


Funny how a Black can say things about fat people on National Television, but God forbid someone like Sterling says something about Blacks in Private and everyone is gunning for his head.

Love the double standards

164 days ago


He's rude. Not everyone with fat problems can control it. Take for instance people with thyroid disease, depression and other mental disorders, those who've undergone chemo. It's not as controllable for some people, but they criticize thinking fat people are ok with their situation and with being bullied and humiliated.

164 days ago


That's Ok. I never apologized for saying that Middle aged bald, has beens compensate by being narcissistic "mean girls."

164 days ago


If they actually gave him the satisfaction of a response, then they are the foolish ones. He's a non factor, and the only way he sees himself as relevant is to put others down. Breaking someone else fails to make you whole.

164 days ago


See Charles...the thing about big women is, they can always lose weight. But you will always be an a**hole!

164 days ago


Jokes!Jokes! Being fat can be fixed, being black ifs permanent. Don't 've the jackass that tries compare the two. These are jokes!!

162 days ago

Noel Greco    

Barkley's comments were right on: go to any grocery store and you'll see more beef in the aisles than in the display counters.

162 days ago
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