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Concert Causes Time Warp ...

Police Hunt Teen Drinkers


051614_journey_launchThe punk kids of Chula Vista, CA learned two important lessons when Journeycame to town -- drinking underage will get you busted, and also ... who the hell is Journey?

Cops were looking out for law-breaking teens at the show -- when they should've been on alert for screaming middle-aged women hopped up on box wine!



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Once again, I must point out that this was NOT a true Journey concert. No Steve Perry, no Journey. Cause that's the way we want it, and that's the way we need it ..... Anything else is, well, second best, at best.

138 days ago


I blame it on the heat. Its damn hot here in San Diego County this week.

138 days ago

Hugh Janus    

Don't stop believing!!!! Oh yeah!!!

138 days ago


Also, I agree with some earlier posts on the issue.....why all the journey bashing? They are just trying to make a living, and if people want to see them what is the big deal? If you don't like them , don't go and just move along. Their music was allot better than allot of the crap they call music today. Great music stands up over time. I bet some Journey songs will still be classics long after most of the current stuff is long gone and forgotten. That's how it's done kids.......... Watch and learn......

138 days ago


***BREAKING NEWS*** TMZ has sunken so low on the celebrity gossip totem pole that they've taken to either kissing the Kardashian asses or "reporting" on celebrities and sports figures of which 99% of the global population have never even heard of. Further more the Sterling debacle and blatant racism, which this site launched & continues to perpetuate will be it's demise. If i had to guess, I'd say that 12 months from now TMZ will be a tiny part of Shelly Sterling's portfolio & Harvey Levin will be clamoring for a revolving spot on Nancy Grace. What's even more pathetic   is the comments section. Considering 50%+ of their daily "hits" are people coming purely for the comment portion of the site, I among them. However, the "website" is now so outdated and cheap that dozens of spam posts get through daily/hourly advertising pathetic "My baby's daddy's nephew's step sister who was unemployed for 7 years just bought a suave new 2012 Ford Focus after working 6 hours per week! Last week her check was $12345!" posts. Yet mundane curse words or legitimate words containing the mere letters of said curse words are moderated. It's quite apparent to me that Harvey has sunken every penny he has into the lame, pathetic excuse they call "TMZ Live" which isn't funny, informative or entertaining. Well TMZ, you just lost another "daily hit". Adios

138 days ago

Sandusky is White    

What big rock star doesn't sex teenagers really???

138 days ago


"screaming middle-aged women hopped up on box wine"

Maybe if Steve Perry was there...not for this cover band...

136 days ago

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