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Gwyneth Paltrow

Getting Trashed on the Internet ...

Is Just Like War

5/29/2014 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Gwyenth Paltrow Internet War
Gwyneth Paltrow is comparing meaningless Internet insults to the ravages of war -- real war -- claiming she's been dehumanized by widespread Internet trash-talking ... the same way a real-life soldier is dehumanized by blood, guts, bullets, night terrors, watching his friends die, and PTSD.

Shortly before her appearance at the Code tech conference this week, Paltrow said, "You come across [comments] about yourself and about your friends, and it’s a very dehumanizing thing. It’s almost like how, in war, you go through this bloody, dehumanizing thing, and then something is defined out of it."

Paltrow -- whose most recent life struggle was probably a scuffed nail -- added, “My hope is, as we get out of it, we’ll reach the next level of conscience.”

It's basically like that empty statement Tom Cruise made comparing acting to war ... minus all the physical exertion.

Paltrow added, "It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I can see these things and not take it as a personal affront and a hurt. I see myself as a chalkboard or a whiteboard or a screen, and someone is just putting up their own projection on it."

Cindy McCain -- the wife of John McCain (an actual veteran) -- has already torn Paltrow to shreds on Twitter, writing, "Gweneth Paltrow [sic] is a joke ... Perhaps Gweneth Paltrow should go out on patrol with some soldiers. Kind of like a Red Carpet in her mind I guess!"

And other veterans agree -- a rep for Veterans for Peace tells TMZ, "She doesn't understand what it means to be in real danger ... Not someone talking to you on the Internet, but actually having bullets shot at you."

The rep adds, "I've gone to war and had that kind of fear. She's not in a situation where she can compare the two. She hasn't had to fear for her life and not know whether she'd make it home."



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WAHHHHH! That's the thing with these celebrities who have joined or read social media. They've discovered that (1) not everyone loves them (2) not everyone agrees with them and (3) they sound like morons to those of us in the "real world". That is...we are not "yes men". Bite me.

148 days ago


UMMMM u can just go to one of your mansions and not worry about anything... i dont even have words to describe the hate i have for gwyneth paltrow... she is so delusional and its so sad that she actually truly believes that war and people not liking her is the same thing...

148 days ago

Lucky Lucy    

What an entitled, out-of-touch b*tch!

Goopy, when people say (in your case well-deserved) mean things about you, it's still NOT even close to the mental and physical injuries of war. Please STFU!

148 days ago

Makes me sick    

If she doesn't want to be negatively talked about on the internet by the public, maybe she should just SHUT UP!! I will never ever watch another movie, interview, or attend anything that this self absorbed woman is part of.

148 days ago


She was just making an analogy guys. There are many things you can compare to war. You might have gone through a horrible horrible experience in the recession for instance, where you lost your home, lived in fear daily, and didn't know what to do. Now you have PTSD. Just like in war. I don't think we need to trash people for making analogies. She obviously was talking about the mental experience of war...not saying her iife was as hard as someone in combat.

148 days ago

Rectum? Damn Nearly Killed Him!    

Sources close to me tell me she's a dirty girl. Doesn't shave down there, full on 70's bush. Doesn't brush, clip her toe nails or use deodrant. She doesn't believe in good hygiene...

148 days ago

The Del Rubio Triplets    

Gwenneth's a friggin nut

148 days ago


Being a vet doesn't make you any better than any American ...she can say what she wants

148 days ago


Ha! She actually reads comments. Good. Gwyn you are delusional!

148 days ago

Sheldon Siegel    

I think she's smart, pretty and I like a lot of her work but when she starts talking about what foods we should or shouldn't eat, clothes we should or shouldn't wear, etc., she comes off as more than a little out of touch with what the average person can or can't do.

148 days ago


Every time this woman open her mouth she proves just how truly ignorant she is. Doesn't she have people to keep her from making these same mistakes over and over???

148 days ago


she has PTID (post traumatic internet disorder) people leave her alone, it can be very stressful

148 days ago


Boo hoo... you have money and opportunities that most people dream of, but your life is hell because some strangers don't like .. ONLINE. Please go home and bake some some organic sugar free scones or something... the rest of us have real problems to deal with.

148 days ago


Ignorant ass. She is so unlikeable and gets more so every time she opens her stupid mouth.

148 days ago

stfu please     

She is a disgusting bitch. Unless you've served time in a war, you DO NOT KNOW how it feels! You cannot compare your rich ppl, Im sorry, bitch people's problems to that of a soldier. Stfu and go away! Your ass is lucky that ppl still talk about you in the first place.

148 days ago
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