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Jonah Hill

Accepts Responsibility for Homophobic Slur ...

'I Shouldn't Have Said That'

6/3/2014 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jonah Hill Apologizes

Jonah Hill took on the controversy behind his homophobic slur head on this morning on Howard Stern ... fully admitting he made the hurtful comment and accepting full responsibility.

Hill lashed out at a paparazzo over the weekend, telling him, "Suck my d***, you f*****!"

Hill had the opportunity to deny using the word -- Stern said he couldn't really hear it in the clip -- but the "22 Jump Street Star" wouldn't let himself off the hook, saying, "What I said in that moment was disgusting ... I shouldn't have said that."

Hill -- who has been active in supporting gay rights -- took the blame for his remark ... though he did say the pap had been following him around all day and saying hurtful things about his family.

Hill's apology was near perfect -- he did play the "gay friends card" at one point ... telling Stern he just happened to be spending the rest of the day with a gay friend who is getting married soon.

A rep for the Human Rights Campaign, which has worked with Hill in the past, tells TMZ, "All around the world, LGBT young people go to bed at night and stare at the ceiling, sleeplessly wondering what awaits them the next day at school or at church or even in their own home. Hateful words like the one Jonah used are more harmful than he can ever know, especially to kids who hear nothing but negativity about being LGBT. We're glad to see that Jonah is willing to turn this into a teachable moment and we hope others will learn from his mistake."


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Yawn. I have gay friends. I have black friends. I see no color. I support gay rights. If you have to announce those things to support your argument, you obviously are weak. Actions, my friends, not meaningless words.

150 days ago


You would think a fat ugly guy like him would be more acceptable of others... But I guess hanging out with the likes of Brad Pitt and Leo makes him think he's a stud now

150 days ago


Jonah Hill has been Supporting Gay Rights so that makes it that he is not Homophobic. Donald Sterling Supports Black Charity's does he also get a pass. In the Case of Jonah he is taking Responsibility, and he seems that he really Regretted ever saying it, so I guess he is Remorseful and deserves to be forgiven.

150 days ago

Wow ...    

Perhaps Jonah could have used different words, BUT that dick was following and harassing him, then has the nerve to call Jonah a bully!? Don't think so. Jonah gets a pass for not being PC.

150 days ago


He should be apologizing for not punching that pap in the face

150 days ago

train wreck    

get over it you idiots. people use the word ***got all the time. i'm all for gay rights but i*****uy pisses me off enough i'll call him a ***got in the heat of the moment.

150 days ago


if he asked some guy to suck his d***, doesn't that make him the f*****?
clearly he should also be offended by his own words as well.
what an idiot.

150 days ago


Go watch "Superbad" again. This guy's career has been one long homophobic slur.

150 days ago


This kind of crap makes me hate the paparazzi even more. You guys are worthless.

150 days ago


He's a stupid guy !

150 days ago


Ughhh there was no reason or need for u to apologize !!!!! I was hoping u wldnt these ppl need to stand there ground !!!!!

150 days ago


From taking pictures of the placenta from a woman who gave birth in a park, to calling some guy a ***got, it turns out that this he a-hole. Apologizing after saying something that so easily slid off of his tongue, is futile and completely meaningless.

I used to think he was funny. Now, he's just a sad, pathetic individual...

150 days ago


Tmz u disgust me !!!

150 days ago


pretty soon when you are born we are going to be given a list of things we can't say in our lives and will have to apologize for. SMH

150 days ago


Hostess and Funyuns will fix this.

150 days ago
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