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Jonah Hill

Accepts Responsibility for Homophobic Slur ...

'I Shouldn't Have Said That'

6/3/2014 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jonah Hill Apologizes

Jonah Hill took on the controversy behind his homophobic slur head on this morning on Howard Stern ... fully admitting he made the hurtful comment and accepting full responsibility.

Hill lashed out at a paparazzo over the weekend, telling him, "Suck my d***, you f*****!"

Hill had the opportunity to deny using the word -- Stern said he couldn't really hear it in the clip -- but the "22 Jump Street Star" wouldn't let himself off the hook, saying, "What I said in that moment was disgusting ... I shouldn't have said that."

Hill -- who has been active in supporting gay rights -- took the blame for his remark ... though he did say the pap had been following him around all day and saying hurtful things about his family.

Hill's apology was near perfect -- he did play the "gay friends card" at one point ... telling Stern he just happened to be spending the rest of the day with a gay friend who is getting married soon.

A rep for the Human Rights Campaign, which has worked with Hill in the past, tells TMZ, "All around the world, LGBT young people go to bed at night and stare at the ceiling, sleeplessly wondering what awaits them the next day at school or at church or even in their own home. Hateful words like the one Jonah used are more harmful than he can ever know, especially to kids who hear nothing but negativity about being LGBT. We're glad to see that Jonah is willing to turn this into a teachable moment and we hope others will learn from his mistake."


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Why should he or anyone else apologize for their language usage? The last I heard there was this do***ent called The Constitution that protects freedom of speech and religion.

112 days ago


No big deal. Everyone has said something they regret in a moment of anger.

112 days ago


You can't even spell dokument correctly on this site, it blocks out c-u-m. Ridiculous.

112 days ago


That's what you get from a fat, ugly, untalented, piece of ****. He is just lucky because he had Seth Rogen , his unfunny friend's connections. How they got into this business , I will guess it is the moronic movies from Judd Apatow, and I'm sick of his stupid movies.

112 days ago


We always say stuff we don't mean, I tell my wife I love her whenever I want head.

112 days ago


That is far from demonstrating a fear of homosexuals. Also, it's not a "slur". It's meant to be a put down. People who engage in homosexuality are not normal. They're perverts. It never has been normal and it never will be. Sickos!!

112 days ago


STUPID GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

112 days ago

just because    

remember when jonah hill dissed don lemon in a hotel lobbby because he was gay

112 days ago


Howard Stern is a pig !

112 days ago


No matter what type of public campaign people try to come up with, they will never stop others from using those words, both as insults and as something guys just say with their friends. Just like you'll never get rid of the "N" word in the black community.

112 days ago


This political correctness sh*t is getting ridiculous. In the heat of the moment when someone is pissing you off we all say stuff. Usually something bad, intended to hurt or humiliate, doesn't make it right, but it is human. I doubt he has any negative feelings towards gay people, and if he does, it's his life.

112 days ago


Imagine my surprise when I went to TMZ's website and there was a story about a racist homophobic sexist jerk. TMZ just doesn't do enough of these stories. I mean, they totally have a opportunity, as a relevant and important news feed, to shed light on these atrocities, and yet, I never, ever see TMZ do a story on racist, homophobic sexist jerks. Maybe if TMZ did these exposes more often, we'd all hate each other just enough to shut the **** up and stop expressing our true selves entirely. What a world that would be, where no one could say anything ever.
Well, at least TMZ gave it a try today. I am hoping that someday soon they will expose that virulant racist Justin Bieber. That kid oughta be wearing a pointy white hat. Ot that homophobe Porsha Stewart, who clearly hates all gays with hating hate. No, instead they do stories on Kanye West? I mean,the guy would never use a racial slur! And Ray J? Obviously he respects all women! We need more controversial racists and homophobes-real movers and shakers-like V. Stiviano. Yeah, where's the V. Stiviano is a racist story, eh TMZ?

112 days ago


Big freakin deal. So he called someone a *** .. would this even be remotely news if he called the guy "whitey"?

I'm so tired of everyone getting butthurt over harmless words.

112 days ago



112 days ago


Who cares what he guys act so offended

112 days ago
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