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Lil Wayne & Young Money

We Still Ride

With Justin Bieber

6/5/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne
, Birdman and the rest of the Young Money Entertainment crew are not abandoning Justin Bieber in the wake of the latest racist video to surface ... telling TMZ that Bieber is still family. 

Young Money Prez Mack Maine tells TMZ ... everyone on the label has interacted with Bieber extensively and there has not been a hint of racism on Justin's part.  Mack Maine says the majority of Justin's crew is black, and "Bieber does not have a slave mentality.  He treats his people with respect."

Mack Maine says Justin has "legitimately adopted the culture of the hip hop, African American culture."

And Mack Maine says everyone in the Young Money camp believes Bieber's age at the time he recorded the song is highly relevant.  Mack Maine confessed, "I remember telling a white man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible and I told it to my friends because I thought they'd think it was funny." 

Mack Maine says that joke was as offensive as Bieber's, and the difference is simply he didn't get caught.

For all these reasons, Mack Maine says Young Money will continue to work with Bieber.



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most offensive thing about the little asshat wannabe jerk is that stupid hairdo.always tip your stylist or thats what happens!

141 days ago


I thought the united states didn't negotiate with terrorists thanks Barack

141 days ago


the kid was pulled out of school at 12 to pursue a career. the chances are he did not study black history, or was taught it by his parents because they probably thought at the time finding a way to survive while living under the poverty line was more important. he was thrust into a new city and made friends with two people he probably thought he needed to impress seeing as though he knew nobody else. those two people are self admitted racists, homophobes and god knows what else. obviously, over the course between 2009 - 2014 he has changed drastically. he is not only educated now but his eyes have been opened to a whole new world and many different cutures. to say he is a racist right this moment is ridiculous, he is a completely different person now than he was when he was 14. and rightly so, seeing as though he has no excuse for not understanding certain things anymore. comparing him to donald sterling who is about 150 years old is ridiculous - donald sterling has lived a life of racism, not to mention he was raised in a completely different era to justin bieber. i don't condone what justin said. but i refuse to believe he is anywhere near on the same scale as donald sterling. if justin bieber winds up being 70 and slurring racism still then he is a racist. but you cannot be defined by your past mistakes, and the future is impossible to be predict. As of right now in 2014 that boy is not a racist. it's simple as that. and unless you can put your hand on the bible and say you have never laughed at or made a racist joke towards any race, culture, ethnicity...then ****, i guess the entire world has been a racist at one point. maybe you should take a trip to the local high school and see how many people throw racial abuse at one another for "fun". trust me, it's a hell of a lot more people than you think.

141 days ago


BiEbEr iS gAy

141 days ago

I steal pets    

Ok, a **** a ******* and an uncir***cised ********* walk into a bar. The bartender asks what they want to drink and the ******** says " I dont care as long no ********* ass ******** lazy **** Australian touched the glass".

141 days ago


Well im kind of surprised but everyone really knows he ain't racist and people comparing him to sterling and paula deen have some issues let him work on his issues and lets move on

141 days ago


They all love humping his little white ass on the DL...

141 days ago


Well HARVEY.. I guess you plan to divide.. conquer.. and destroy him like you did Chris Brown is not working out as planned. How long were you attempting to extort him for that footage you finally released?! I see your friendship with Kris Jenner is paying off big time as you have really learned how to play dirty with this site. Can't wait for someone to release ALL of your nasty @ss dirt.. you race baiting POS.

141 days ago


Austin Mahone is in that pic too! Oh lawdy now both of them are taking loads from all these rappers. Bottoms up!

141 days ago


It's all about the Benjamin's. These rappers know a song with Bieber will bring notoriety and Bieber's large fan base. Whether you commenters like it or not, Bieber is a star. Why else would tmz run a story on him every day?

141 days ago


I was willing to Forgive Justin when the first video came out , but watching the second one - Now , I think we may have a problem here .. I don't think he's going to survive this ..All of a Sudden , he looks different now

141 days ago


That's pretty cool off Cash Money but, where were they when Paula Deen lost everything?

141 days ago


He likes to be ridden and play like he is black rapper...

141 days ago


I guess the best friends are uneducated friends :-/. Such is America!

141 days ago


I hope this POS gets the beat down she deserves

141 days ago
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