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Washington Redskins

Patent Office Cancels Trademark

'Disparaging to Native Americans'

6/18/2014 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Washington Redskins Trademark Cancelled

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has announced it will be CANCELLING six federal trademark registrations for the name "Washington Redskins" ... after ruling the name is disparaging to Native Americans. 

FYI -- trademark law prevents people from registering trademarks that "may disparage" individuals or groups. 

But don't go printing and selling your bootleg Redskins merch just yet -- the team will probably appeal ... and will maintain exclusive rights to the trademark until a federal court makes a ruling. 

The appeals court will have to determine if the trademark was offensive at the time the trademark registrations were filed ... some dating back to 1967.

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L. Ron Hubbard    

Our efficient government in action!

92 days ago


Good. Now the Washington Blue Uglies can finally happen

92 days ago


This is such Bull**** !!! This country needs to STOP being such a bunch of ***** asses about crap that does not matter in the larger scope of life. This is a waste of a thought and there are many other things that are way more important like spending money in and on other countries that backstab the USA but take the cash !!!!! Leave the sports teams alone! If you don't like the name pick another team to support!!!!

92 days ago


Who said we live in a free country? In a free country the government would not step in an cancel a private companies trademark logo. This opens the door for the government to cancel anything they do not like owned by private companies. What is to stop them from canceling trademarks like Sony, Exxon, NBA, etc....this is not good. We are losing of freedoms everyday to this corrupt government.

92 days ago


I just don't see it. The name and logo don't cause me to have any bad feelings about Native Americans.

92 days ago

orick sweetwine    

The government is and always be shady. For years i've been saying the F.B.I. need to change the name of their building. The name on the building is of course Edgar J. Hoover. This man was a racsit and involved in numerous cover up's. Edgar J. Hoover did his best to discredit all the civil rights leaders. The government wants to change the name of the redskins so be it. However change the name of your F.B.I. building and stop honoring a man that was a killer, crook, and rascit. Just go back and read the history of this man. He's not worthy to have his name on that building. Edgar J. Hoover did not do anything when blacks was getting beaten and killed in the south. Nobody else is going to say it but i will. Edgar J. Hoover did have a hand in President Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, death's. This guy put illeagly wire taps on everybody that was black and people that associated with black people. Redskins name need to be changed. Also lets take down Edgar J. Hoover name off the F.B.I. building.

92 days ago

Harold Brown    

Why do you think 50 of the 55 Democratic members of the Senate sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging the Redskin's owner to change the teams name (can't blame this on the Republicans because the letter was not not circulated among Senate Republicans)? Is this just another step forward for the government to push it's way into the lives of American citizens? For me, the less the government interferes, the better life I can live.


91 days ago


If they would ACTUALLY look up the History and how it came to be.
Along with the polls of how Native Americans see this,
they'd Find it's a name in honor.

One snippit:
"the name was changed to ‘Redskins’ to honor then-coach Lone Star Dietz, an American Sioux. So the name actually pays tribute to a great people.”

Or this:
"At Kingston Oklahoma high school, which is 58 percent Native American, the name ‘Redskins’ has been worn by its students for 104 years. In fact, ‘Redskins’ was a name first used by Native Americans.”

So... the P.C. Police are doing this NOT for Native American's, yet for control, what 'they' 'feel' is better yet.... nothing to do with Facts or Polls.

Doesn't the Government have Enough to worry and fix??? Yet Waste time on this!?

Democrat Harry Reid is a CONTROL FREAK!

91 days ago


this is bs, redskins is not a slur

90 days ago

Harold Brown    

This crap ticks me off. I just had to add one more comment.
Ok Harry Reid, how about this. Red Mesa High School, located on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, is a public school in which nearly 100% of it’s students are Navajo Indian.
Their mascot and logo?
The “Redskins.”
Yes, that’s right, the eeeevil and raaaacist term, the “Redskins.” It’s exactly the same name the Washington football team, the Redskins, have called themselves for seven decades. When will you grandstand over this?
Harry Reid can kiss my hairy ass.

90 days ago


This is so beyond ridiculous!

88 days ago


The word Washington is the offensive part.

88 days ago


Breaking news: the Washington Redskins have dropped the word Washington from their name for being too embarrassing

88 days ago

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