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You Be the Judge

6/21/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A new star is born -- so what he's a hardened criminal ... he's hot, right?  And 1-year-old  North West flew alone coast-to-coast, though in baller style.  So we gotta ask ...


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Where are the questions? Are we just supposed to judge in our minds like normal? Lol.

I missed this last week. I realized I had no life on Fridays and I have come to accept that and appreciate that.

125 days ago


So WE gotta ask, where's the question?

125 days ago


TMZ messed up LOL

125 days ago



125 days ago


Okay bored soo...

Jeremy meeks hot or disgusting: Who? Sorry generally if I don't recognize a person in a TMZ story, I don't read it. So I don't read a lot of stories.

Meeks or Ramerize: Neither

GaGa: Didn't care enough to read the article.

Northwest flying: Why don't those idiots cut to the chase and drop the poor thing off at a child molesters house? WTF? Trusting complete strangers with your kid? Not knowing who will come into contact with them UGH!

Drake/Weed: Who cares? I live in Colorado. I have seen people smoke weed in front of cops countless times. It is no longer a bad boy move, yawn.

Sterling: Was over that story weeks ago. Again yawn.

Beiber/Gomez: I don't care who that future has been is messing with.

Dr. Oz/Pill: If you are dumb enough to think some magic pill will allow you to lose weight and keep it off without diet and exercise, you deserve what's coming to you. All you lose is money? Darwin is being nice.

Stanley/World: I'm the average American, I don't care. Call me when it's Basketball or football.

125 days ago


Can we have neither options on these polls? The Stanley Cup and the World Cup are both boring.

125 days ago


oh, children... soccer blows. to quote Stephen Colbert, "It's like watching the grass grow... only there's a ball in the way!" 'murica!

125 days ago

Poor Leno    

This time i am not going to vote cause i think most question are totally ****ed up, i am sick and tired of reading about this Kim K hoe. TMZ....tell me don't you guys have better things to write about than this used up mop of a woman, get creative or do some thing else. Those who still like read about this troll of a woman most likely have no real life other than the life they live thru their idols..

125 days ago

Jake K    

Tmz has gone to **** over this Dreamy mug shot ,, He's a ruthless,despicable,card carrying gang banger !! How come you have done a story on the Marine who just was awarded the Medal of Honor ,, just goes to show where your morals are !!!

125 days ago


This is why so many women complain about not being able to find the right guy. They fall for the outside not the inside. Frankly I don't even think this guy is that good looking. Good looks don't equal a good guy.

125 days ago


Seriously? World Cup over Stanley Cup? I'm all for USA in the World Cup, I even bought a jersey. But hockey is more competitive, ALOT more fun to watch and the players don't fake their hurt every minute... Just saying I don't know why every one likes soccer all the sudden. Them poor bastards in other country's don't even know what real football is!

125 days ago

Just Steve    

Slowass news week full of rats, giblets, and waste of time.

125 days ago


Honestly, most of these stories are wack girls wetting their pants for a criminal. Frigggin drake smoking weed on stage like he never smoked before. Donald faking a disease and cursing everybody out. I mean come on I don't even have to saying anything these are just childish stories and tmz is promoting all the dumb **** especially that damn justin bieber.

125 days ago


The creamed panties are for nil he's Gonna be taken d*** for a couple years in prison!!!!

125 days ago


Meeks mug shot hot? Really? Lame question

125 days ago
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