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Kendall Jones

Dad Says She's Actually

A Humanitarian

7/3/2014 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0703_kendall_jones_hunting_photos_launchKendall Jones -- the teenage hunter whose animal kills have so enraged people -- is not the cold-blooded killer she's been made out to be ... so says her father. 

Cody Jones tells TMZ ... some of his daughter's killings were humane.  The pic of the dead lion, for example, was a mercy killing, he says, because the animal was old and unable to keep up with its pack. Kendall's dad says the lion's fate was sealed ... a younger lion would surely have killed it.

And he says his daughter has taken heat over the pic of her posing with a rhino.  He says the rhino is NOT dead -- it was injured by a lion and later tranquilized and taken to a vet.

As for the animals Kendall did kill ... her dad says the leopards, elephants and lions are not on the endangered species list.

PETA isn't buying the explanation Kendall's dad is selling, telling us, "Her only interest is slaughtering wildlife for a cheap thrill," adding she's showboating "in a desperate quest to secure a macabre reality show."


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Just so all the extreme dumb****s know, you might be against hunting these ''majestic'' animals because to americans the look beautiful. But in Africa these animals are considered nothing but pests and if it wasn't for hunters paying $10k a pop to hunt a lion farmers would wipe the lions out completely since 88% of all African wildlife is on private property and ruin their crops. If it wasn't for hunters paying so much money to hunt these animals, they would all be wiped out because no one who lives in Africa wants them.

Also people in Africa eat all those animals including Lion and all the meat is sent to the local tribe in that area. Mandatory African hunting law. All parts of the animals are used. Better that private landowners turning land into farms and killing every animal in Africa isn't it? So quit bitching and read.

Also PETA puts down 98% percent of the animals they rescue LITERALLY. PETA also staged a live animal skinning video to use in their campaign and was fined by the government.

76 days ago

Hanna Snowdon-Sykes    

I'm tired about hearing about this bitch. She just needs to go away and hide before someone shoots her

76 days ago

Wow ...    

The human race truly is the most invasive species ever. Just because you "can" doesn't mean you should. I especially oppose those who do it do it for sport! I mean, what kind of a person kills for fun?????

76 days ago


I vote for Disgusting!!

76 days ago


I really hope a rhino charges her and gores her and then a pack of angry, starving hyenas devour her while she is still alive but injured.

76 days ago


Really??!! Just cuz it would be killed by another animal don't mean you should kill it; it's a part of life.. Didn't she see the Lion King. No one ask you to play God bitch.

76 days ago


Nature could have taken its course, with the lion, and its body could have been scavenged by other vulnerable carnivore species, but I guess that kill is okay (the meat apparently went to people who needed it). Leopards are listed as "Near Threatened" due to habitat loss and population fragmentation (which results in more inbreeding within population pockets, which threatens the health of the species); their numbers are on the decline, and should be left alone.

That said, even if she singled out animals for "mercy kills", there is still something truly demented about grinning with pride while standing over the corpse of an animal. Taking a life is a serious matter; it's not something to be showing off so gleefully like a friggin sociopath. She should show some respect.

76 days ago


Everyone's jumping on the Peta bandwagon! Did she kill ur dog? Ur cat? Ur bird? No. With her hunting, in Africa mind u, she is feeding the the locals with fur..ya..she's helping human beings. All u keyboard bullies that wish her dead because she likes to hunt are way worse than her. Why don't u hypocrites go do something worthwhile in ur life. Since ur all such animal freaks why not donate ur time and or money to an animal shelter or animal hospital? Oh there's a thought! Get a life.

76 days ago


Hey, I have an idea lets have a canned hunt with all people named Kendall Jones and their daddies who have wonderfully appeared on TMZ. I really think their smiling heads would look great on a wall!

76 days ago


She should have let the lion die naturally, so that other animals could feed. Called the circle of life. There is no excuse for killing an elephant. Misguided, ignorant child.

76 days ago


PETA is so intolerant of other people's lifestyle choices. Sad.

76 days ago


If you kill an animal you better eat it.

76 days ago


PETA kills about 99 out of 100 pets they get in their "shelters" it's just a group raising money and giving it to themselves. This girl goes out and shoots big game. And she's very good at it apparently. Let's see more of her and less of the lowlifes that are usually placed on TMZ. She's more interesting and a lot prettier as well.

76 days ago


Why am I not surprised that a Texan thinks we need to go to Africa, kill endangered species (for a high fee), feed the "local" and try to profit off of it back here in the good old USA?

76 days ago


I dated her for two years and let me tell you she is a FREAK. When we had sex she would want me to wear this horse head mask and put animal planet on full blast. She'd make these crazy bird call sounds too and whip me. Just kidding idk her BUT I bet thats what her ex's would say...

76 days ago
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