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Lil Scrappy

Calls Out Nickelodeon Resort

For Racism

7/24/2014 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Scrappy went ballistic Wednesday after his daughter was repeatedly passed over during a contest at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando ... because he believes the staff favors white kids.

The "Love and Hip Hop" star was at the pool with Momma Dee and his 9-year-old daughter Emani. They were there for a game where the staff calls kids up on stage for contests. 

Momma Dee tells TMZ ... Scrappy became furious when the staff kept skipping over his daughter and other black kids.  

In the video you see Scrappy confront the host.  It's hard to hear him, but Momma Dee tells us he said, "You need to pick my daughter.  This is some racist-ass s**t."

The person shooting the video tells us they support Scrappy's position in the situation.

The host implores Scrappy to get off the stage, and then Momma D steps in and repeats the claim.

Emani finally pushes her dad off stage.

A rep for the resort tells TMZ ... they don't discriminate on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. They add that participants must follow specific protocol ... and that Scrappy's daughter did participate in the show.


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Annnnnnd here we go again...

91 days ago


Did it ever dawn on him that his behavior was embarrassing his child?

91 days ago

Sexy Stig    

Has it ever occurred to Lil Scrappy that maybe, just MFing maybe, that his child wasn't as good as the other kids?

My God, I am so sick and tired of entitlement people.

People, even little kids, are passed over for all kinds of reasons and to always SCREAM racism is a weak, pathetic and idiotic argument. And it gets old as f$%k!!!

91 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

only a racist pos calls people he doesnt know racist, tell that idiot he is a racist and needs to die,send he back to where real racism exist *****ia

91 days ago


Look, we all know that racism exist! We know that sometimes SOME people are discriminate. However, people who throw out the race card for EVERYTHING - even when it's OBVIOUS you're being a tad bit 'ghetto' makes us doubt every other thing you claim racism is the cause of.

91 days ago


Unless that's one hell of a tan I see a black kid sitting at the left of the bench.

91 days ago


When in doubt when something doesn't work out right? Racism.

91 days ago


Well, if he wasn't black maybe he wouldn't have that problem...KIDDING, I'M KIDDING...i'M WHITE!

91 days ago


Child please, I stayed there plenty of times, scrappy just looking for attention. They not one bit racist. Check yerself, how as your behavior? It's a kids resort. Everything geared towards little kids.

91 days ago


Pulling the race card again.

91 days ago

You Don't Know    

It's pretty freakin pathetic when the child has to remove the parent from the stage. I feel bad for her, she was obviously embarrassed, which leads me to believe she did not feel the same way he did about the situation. IF all of the black children were passed over & not allowed to participate, why are none of the other parents stepping forward to say the same thing? He was out of line.

91 days ago


Gee, he handled this so well. But of course, I would expect that from someone with a clown name like "Lil Scrappy". Hahaaaa, what a joke of a human being. If you want respect, give yourself a real name and stop acting like an utter fool.

91 days ago


maybe her performance was just a lil crappy...

91 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

The contests were being held inside the pool and EVERYONE knows that Black People don't know how to swim. Lil Dummy needs to Thank the resort workers for saving her life. BIG DUMMY.

91 days ago


This is where scrappy could've have used this experience. As a teachable moment his daughter wouldn't have thought about the situation as racist until HE brought it up. Even if he felt that it was he should NOT have made a big deal about it. Now his daughter's fun day was filled with drama.

91 days ago
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