Aaron Carter Set to Box Benzino in Celeb Match ... 50 Cent Mum on Challenge

Benzino doesn't appear to have been able to lure 50 Cent into a boxing ring, so he's settling for the next best opponent ... and, apparently, that's Aaron Carter.

Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing tells TMZ ... the former pop star is lacing up his gloves again this summer to fight the "Love & Hip Hop" star in the main event. We're told both contracts have been signed ... and they're slugging it out on June 11.

Instagram / @aaroncarter

The match is set to go down at the Charles Dodge Center in Pembroke Pines, FL -- and Feldman says BitCoin Rodney is promoting it. Aaron is stepping up for 50 Cent ... whom DF and co. weren't able to book.

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Despite the bad blood between Benzino and Fitty -- including the recent back and forth claims of outing attempts and alleged federal snitching -- it doesn't appear 50 was interested in settling their beef with hands ... dude's been mum on their public challenge.

Aaron, however, is coming back for seconds -- you'll recall ... he got pummeled by Lamar Odom last year, where he was greatly outsized. Benzino's also bigger than him, but it sounds like Aaron doesn't care ... and wants his shot to redeem himself.

No word on how much either of these guys is making for going 3 rounds, but ya gotta figure it's a sizable amount for them ... especially if Aaron's coming back after that ass-whoopin'.

One thing we know for sure ... we'll be watching!

Waka Flocka Talks Separation From Tammy ... On 'It's Tricky'

It's Tricky with Raquel Harper

Waka Flocka says his estranged wife Tammy Rivera can do no wrong in his eyes, and it's all love between them ... despite calling it quits, after 8 years of marriage.

The "No Hands" rapper sat down with Raq on the "It's Tricky With Raquel Harper" podcast ... and opened up, for the first time publicly, about the split from Tammy.

Waka says the former "Love & Hip Hop" star is still his best friend, and while he knows folks always suspect there's some kinda beef or nasty incident behind a breakup -- he insists it just ain't so in their case.

As for why they are going their separate ways ... Waka says they've simply grown apart.

Raq asked if there's any chance they work things out, and he didn't want to get into that -- read that anyway ya want -- however, he did say there's nothing Tammy could ever do to make him hate her.

He added, his biggest blessing is their daughter Charlie -- who Tammy had in a previous relationship. Waka says Charlie helped him appreciate life and made him feel like a role model.

Based on Charlie alone, he will always have love for Tammy.

ICYMI, Tammy recently opened up on social media about their split, posting ... "I've been filming for the new show ... it's been pretty good this season ... even though me and Waka not together, we still have this show."

Safe to say, they're good with co-parenting and even co-working. It's the reconciling that remains to be seen.

'Love & Hip Hop's Apple Watts Still Fighting For Her Life In Hospital Following Fiery Car Wreck

Apple Watts, former star of "Love & Hip Hop," is still fighting for her life after a violent car crash sent her to the hospital with severe injuries.

Sources close to Apple tell TMZ ... the wreck left her with 2 breaks in her neck, a shattered arm and a brain injury. While we're told she's able to breathe on her own, she's still getting oxygen in hopes it helps with the healing process.

We're told she still has not opened her eyes or been able to verbally communicate. Doctors are doing what they can ... she underwent a successful surgery Tuesday night on her neck.

As we reported, Apple was driving on the freeway last week in Baker, CA when her Mercedes collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck. Her car flipped multiple times, bursting into flames before it came to a stop.

The 36-year-old was pulled from the wreckage by the passenger of the truck and was life-flighted to a hospital in Nevada to be treated for her injuries.

The cause of the accident has not been determined. Apple's friends, family and doctors remain hopeful she'll make a full recovery ... though there's a long, uncertain road ahead.

'Love & Hip Hop's Apple Watts Suffers 'Major Injuries' ... Car Catches Fire in Wreck

Former "Love & Hip Hop" star, Apple Watts, is fighting for her life after she was involved in a serious car accident -- leaving her vehicle in flames and her in a hospital.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Watts was headed Northbound on I-15 Wednesday in Baker, CA ... when her black Mercedes and a Ford F250 pickup truck collided. We're told Watts' car flipped multiple times, and burst into flames when it came to a stop.

Cops say one of the passengers inside the F250 was able to pull Watts out of her burning vehicle ... and she was life-flighted to a Nevada hospital, where she's being treated for "major injuries."

At this time, it's unknown what caused the accident ... or if drugs or alcohol played a role in the vehicles colliding.

Watts became a fan favorite, after she appeared on seasons 5 and 6 of VH1's hit series, "Love & Hip Hop." She's a proud L.A. native, who showcased her journey on the show ... as she switched from dancing to music.

Stevie J Apparently Receiving Oral Sex During FT Interview?!?

Stevie J was apparently receiving oral sex during a FaceTime interview with a reporter -- and while the act itself might be shocking ... what's wilder is the fact she soldiered on!

The journo's name is Leah A. Henry, and she featured the 'Love & Hip Hop' star/Bad Boy producer during an appearance on her 'Leah's Lemonade' show ... where she was discussing a new special of his, and asking a lot of good questions, obviously taking it seriously.

Leah’s Lemonade

However, it became clear quickly that SJ himself wasn't nearly in the same head space as her -- not only was he shirtless and lying in bed ... but he seemed to have company.

At one point -- after a mysterious hand enters Stevie's frame -- Henry flat out asks him what the heck is going on over there. He's coy about it and never directly cops to being on the receiving end of a sex act -- but that definitely seems to be what's happening here.


Henry, for her part, jokes with Stevie about it ... but doesn't seem to let it phase her -- insisting they carry on. She did exactly that, continuing to ask fairly serious questions, to which Stevie responded ... all while other things looked to be happening in the background.

For starters, Stevie himself is obviously catching backlash over this ... with many calling his stunt super disrespectful and flat-out nutty. If what seems to be going down actually is, then yeah ... that's more than a fair characterization.

On the other hand ... Henry herself is getting criticism as well, with some wondering why she didn't just cut the interview short as soon as she suspected he was getting fellatio ... and a good amount of people are even calling her unprofessional in the way she handled it.

She hasn't taken kindly to that ... defending herself on social media, but not really explaining why she carried on for as long as she did -- other than to say she'll be addressing it at length in her podcast, and encouraging folks to watch the entire thing before passing judgment.

It also sounds like some of the comments she's getting are bordering on harassment ... and perhaps even gaslighting and/or blaming this whole thing on her -- which is a shame.

To cap this all off, we'll say this ... she definitely got some compelling content here. And Stevie's got more publicity than he may know what to do with after this.

Omeretta The Great Marriage & Kids Next!!! Despite Fiancé's 27-Year Sentence


Omeretta The Great may be done with "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," but she's not giving up on love ... in fact, she's looking forward to happily ever after with her boo, who is currently serving a 27-year sentence in prison.

The Atlanta-bred rapper sat down on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast and opened up about her future plans with Tabyron Rashad Smith ... her fiancé.

Omeretta says the two are actually engaged and will probably get married while he's in jail and they'll have another ceremony when he's released. She has his name tattooed on her but says they have bigger plans when he's free -- like having kids and starting a family.

ICYMI ... Smith was convicted of robbing nine Asian-owned businesses throughout Georgia in October and November, 2017. He's serving 27 years behind bars ... so if he serves the full sentence he'll be 51 and she'll be 50.

According to the DOJ ... Smith and his co-conspirator, Dravion Sanchez Ware terrorized, threatened and injured victims during their spree.

As for the critics, the ex-'L&HHA' star calls them judgmental and insists they simply don't get it.

Omeretta The Great Here's Why I Quit 'Love & Hip Hop' ... Spills Tea on 'It's Tricky With Raquel Harper'

It's Tricky with Raquel Harper

Omeretta The Great claims she was misled by "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" producers, who focus more on "love" and less on hip-hop ... and she says that's why she's quitting the show.

Omeretta revealed exactly how things went south with 'LHHA' -- from her view, at least -- on the "It's Tricky With Raquel Harper" podcast. The rapper says the version of the VH1 show she was pitched would focus on her "rise to the top" -- a concept she agreed to right away.

Don't forget, Cardi B was one of many artists featured in the series before becoming an international superstar -- so, Omeretta hoped it could give her career a boost too.

But, she says what ended up airing was far from expected, highlighting drama over her grind in the music biz ... something Omeretta openly admits rubbed her the wrong way.

Now, it wasn't a total loss ... in fact, OTG told Raq she did get one big thing out of her time in front of 'LHHA' cameras.

It sounds like the show didn't fight hard to get her to stay, once she told them she was peacin' out. Watch this clip and you can feel the chill in the air ❄ -- Omeretta feels played, and she's not looking back.

Make sure you follow "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" on Apple, Spotify, Google -- or wherever you get your pods -- so you never miss an episode.

Hazel-E Plastic Surgery Nearly Killed Me ... So, I Promise I'm Done!!!

It's Tricky with Raquel Harper

Hazel-E is getting some tough love, and through her tears, the 'Love & Hip Hop' star is vowing she's done with cosmetic surgery ... after 2 other procedures nearly turned deadly.

Hazel opened up about feeling pressure to "snapback" to pre-pregnancy fitness when she went on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast. She even named names, saying her goal was to recover like Teyana Taylor famously did after she had kids.

Now, she's admitting the surgeries -- including liposuction and BBLs -- got out of hand. Here's the thing ... Raquel and Hazel are friends, but Raq didn't hold back in strongly suggesting she lay off the procedures.

Actually, the wording was pretty blunt -- telling Hazel to quit "f**king herself up."

March 2021

The clip is raw, and Hazel's reaction to the friendly advice gets pretty emotional. In the end, though, she swears off going under the knife again ... with just a couple of exceptions.

The language here definitely isn't for kiddos, but it's real AF.

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Hazel-E Hell Yes, I Went HAM on Winnie Harlow!!! Explains Why On 'It's Tricky with Raquel Harper'


Some might say Hazel-E's crossed a line in her viral feud -- but she has no regrets about clapping back at Winnie Harlow the way she has, and insists there's more to come.

Hazel-E went on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast to break down her war of words with the model which went nuclear when the insults got super-personal and lasered in on both women's appearances.

The "Love & Hip Hop" star told Raq that if people are gonna roast her appearance, she feels it's only fitting for her to respond with the same intensity. As Hazel put it ... if she's being pulled apart for the way she looks, "then nothing is off-limits".

The rift with Winnie ratcheted up when LightSkinKeisha posted pictures back in 2019 saying Hazel-E looked like Ernest P. Worrell from the 'Ernest' movies. It was strictly their beef until Winnie commented on one of Keisha's posts with ... "Keisha nooooooo."

Didn't seem like much, but it caught Hazel-E's eye real quick.

That's when she replied to Winnie ... "Look here 101 Dalmatians."

As you probably know Winnie -- a former 'Top Model' star -- has vitiligo, but Hazel-E still piled on with, "In real life if Tyra Banks didn't feel sorry for your malnourished a**, no one would know you! Pipe down salt n pepa."

Harsh, for sure, but check out the clip with Raq ... Hazel feels justified.

You can see the full episode by following "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" on Apple, Spotify, Google podcasts or wherever you get your pods -- there's a new episode every week!

'L&HH' STAR MONIECE SLAUGHTER Restraining Order Issued After Attack at Cardi Party


1:09 PM PT -- Slaughter's attorneys, from Adeife & Rabii APC, tell us the judge didn't grant the restraining order because of the actual attack at the party, but instead for what happened after.


They tell us, "The judge determined that Ms. Slaughter’s admission of cellular communication with the petitioner after she was served with the TRO was a violation of the order irrespective of the petitioners repeated attempts to contact her."


However, they say Slaughter only tried to contact the woman after she allegedly posted her home address online ... her attorneys tell us Slaughter just wanted the information removed.


They conclude in telling us, "Ms. Slaughter fully intends to exhaust any and all legal and equitable remedies available to her for her safety and her families."

Moniece Slaughter is being ordered to stay the hell away from some folks who claim the "Love & Hip Hop" star attacked them at Cardi B's birthday party.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... two partygoers just got permanent restraining orders against Moniece.

As we reported ... Moniece was accused of going on the offensive at the birthday bash for Cardi back in October, allegedly throwing punches and drinks.


Moniece's accusers beelined it to court, claiming she was using her celebrity to harass them and smear their names with false allegations, and a judge signed off on a temporary restraining order.

Now, the restraining order has been granted for 2 years ... and it requires Moniece to keep at least 100 yards away from her alleged victims and bars her from contacting or harassing them.

We reached out to Moniece's camp ... so far, no word back.

'Love & Hip Hop's Tricia Ana Face Sliced in Wild Brawl!!!

chaotic beatdown

Akon's ex, Tricia Ana, is nursing a serious injury after brawling at a Hollywood Hills bash, and when the dust settled she was bloodied and missing her bling ... TMZ has learned.

An eyewitness tells TMZ ... the 'Love & Hip Hop' star was partying with a bunch of folks last weekend and, as you can see in the video, not all of 'em were friends. We're told that Tricia, wearing white, got into a heated argument with the woman in a denim jacket ... but it quickly turned into hand-to-hand combat.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... things escalated inside the house before the fight spilled outside with both women exchanging blow after blow.

At one point in the video, you can see Tricia's necklace on the ground ... and moments later it's gone. It appears a guy in white and green pants grabbed it during all the chaos.

We're told the icy jewelry is worth more than $15k!!!

Our sources say a third person got involved when the fight continued outside, and that's when Tricia was sliced across the face. She was taken to a hospital where she got about 20 stitches ... and law enforcement was alerted.

We're told cops are investigating the brawl, but no arrests have been made yet.

We've reached out to Tricia, but so far ... no word back.

'L&HH' STAR LYRICA ANDERSON Files For Divorce ... From A1 Bentley

'Love & Hip Hop' star Lyrica Anderson is waving the white flag on her marriage to A1 Bentley ... because she just filed for divorce.

Lyrica beelined it to a Los Angeles courthouse Friday to file divorce docs after more than 5 years of marriage.

It's unclear what led to the split ... but they have been very open about marital problems, sharing their issues on reality TV ever since they eloped back in 2016.

Lyrica was previously accused of cheating on A1 with Nicki Minaj's ex, Safaree Samuels ... and the drama was a major storyline on the 2018 season of 'L&HH: Hollywood.'

Lyrica was pregnant at the time of the cheating allegations and A1 and his immediate family demanded she takes a paternity test, which revealed A1 was the father.


LA gave birth to the couple's baby boy in November 2018 ... and as she told us back then, she survived a major health scare shortly after bringing Ocean Zion Bentley into the world.

We reached out to Lyrica about the split ... so far, no word back.

Stevie J Kicked Off Delta Flight ... He Disputes Onboard Drink Story


12:57 PM PT -- Stevie tells TMZ ... the reason he and his son, Stevie II, were removed is due in part to the fact they didn't follow a Delta staffer's instructions on the drop of a dime -- which he thinks led to them blowing the situation out of proportion.


He says he and his son were drinking beverages prior to boarding and were told they'd have to chuck 'em before getting on. Steve says they did that, but not before finishing the drinks ... something that apparently pissed of the gate agent, whom Stevie says then made a big fuss.


Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.


He insists no drink was brought onboard, and that they did as they were told to do -- and yet, they were treated quite poorly. Stevie says he thinks there was a racial component to the confrontation, and he's going to follow up with his attorneys. We're told he wasn't banned from flying Delta, and that no arrests were made. They simply booked another flight and made it to their destination -- Atlanta, for his daughter's bday -- without further issue.

Stevie J's trip to Atlanta was derailed this week, all because a buddy he was flying with wanted to take his boozy beverage to go -- a big enough no-no to get 'em booted.

The producer was escorted off of a Delta flight Friday at LAX, where it looks like cops were on hand to greet both Stevie and another passenger he appeared to be traveling alongside ... and we finally learned what the heck caused the whole ruckus.

no-fly zone

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... this man with Stevie had apparently purchased an alcoholic beverage in the terminal while waiting to board, and then tried carrying it on past the gate, something we're told Delta personnel was telling him not to do.

Sounds like he did it anyway, and once he was in the plane -- our sources he threw it away ... but the damage was already done because the Delta team insisted they exit for disobeying their orders.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We also got video of Stevie and this guy deplaning, and you can hear the man explain to everyone that there was no longer an issue ... asking why they were being shooed off.

As for Stevie ... he was pretty pissed about it all. There's another video someone captured of him talking to the gate attendant, threatening to sue them while also calling him a few things.

Delta wouldn't confirm names to us, but they did acknowledge something happened on Thursday that slightly delayed their flight to ATL due to two passengers exiting. They say they were only 8 minutes late as a result ... but wouldn't elaborate further.

Originally Published -- 10:25 AM PT

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Mo Fayne He'll Be On a Super Tight Leash ... After Lengthy Prison Sentence

Rapper Mo Fayne's going to spend a long, long time behind bars, but if he expects a sigh of relief after his release he better think twice ... 'cause it won't be easy sailing once he's out.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star will be on a tight leash when he's done serving his 17.5-year prison sentence for his role in a PPP loan fraud case.

Pretty much everything in Mo's life will be under scrutiny during his 5 years of supervised release after he gets out of prison. One of the conditions is that Mo will have to participate in a mental health treatment program.

He'll also have to take part in a substance abuse treatment program and submit to testing to determine if he has used a prohibited substance. But, that's not all.

The rapper must also make full and complete disclosure of his finances and submit to an audit of his financial docs at the request of his probation officer. And, things will be a little complicated if he wants to get a new credit card because Mo needs the approval of his probation officer to incur new credit charges or open additional lines of credit.

As we first reported ... the 38-year-old was sentenced to 210 months in prison after he pled guilty to 6 counts, including bank and wire fraud. He's also been ordered to pay a huge restitution bill ... totaling a cool $4,465,865.55.

Prosecutors, of course, alleged Mo funded a lavish lifestyle during the pandemic with money from the Paycheck Protection Program. The money was intended to help employees and small businesses hit hard by COVID.

Erica Mena Files to Divorce Safaree ... No 2-Yr. Anniversary

Erica Mena is throwing in the towel on her marriage to Safaree after less than 2 years as husband and wife, and as she's currently expecting their second child.

The "Love & Hip Hop" star just filed for divorce last Friday in Fayette County Superior Court in Georgia -- where they appear to have formally tied the knot in late 2019, and where they currently reside.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Erica is asking for primary physical custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Safire, but she's willing to share joint legal custody with Safaree. She's also indicated she wants child support, plus ... exclusive use of the home they currently share.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The signs of a breakup might've been there in front of us all along -- as Erica posed for a preggo shot just a few days ago, and was NOT wearing her wedding ring. She wasn't trying to hide that finger either, and it doesn't look like she and Safaree have been photographed together in quite a while.

The crazy thing is that Erica has a bun in the oven right now -- baby no. 2 with Safaree. Remember, she just had Safire last year ... so they got back to baby-making almost immediately.

Safaree and Erica have a rich history, much of which has been depicted on their reality show ... and it hasn't always been pretty. They've aired out A LOT of their personal business on camera, so we're guessing their split will eventually play out on camera too.

'L&HH' Star Mo Fayne Get Out of Jail Bid Denied!!! Feds Claim He's a 'Menace'

Rapper Mo Fayne's song and dance about needing to get out of jail to fix a bum wing and send his daughter off to college didn't fly ... 'cause the judge just denied his request.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star had a hearing Monday in Georgia, where prosecutors argued Fayne should remain locked up behind bars until sentencing in his federal bank fraud cause ... for which he's already pled guilty.

For starters, prosecutors said Fayne should NOT be let out of jail because long before he was locked up he had already been looking for ways to finagle his way out of jail by Googling which countries he could head to without fear of extradition.

Prosecutors also said Fayne's a hardcore fraudster who talked about swindling other people. They called him a menace and a danger to the public.

The judge shared the feds' concerns about Fayne's online travel search, as well as allegations he'd bragged to a witness he wouldn't end up spending a day in jail.

Fayne's been locked up since December after violating the terms of his bond for allegedly contacting a potential witness. He's slated to be sentenced in September.

TMZ broke the story ... Fayne pled guilty to 6 counts of federal bank fraud after prosecutors say he funded a lavish lifestyle during the pandemic with a Paycheck Protection Program loan. He's accused of using the money to pay off debts, like child support.

Fayne claimed he wanted to get out of jail purely to organize his day-to-day household affairs before he's sentenced, but the judge has now said no dice.

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