'Love & Hip Hop' Star Erica Mena Apologizes for Monkey Comment ... I Wasn't Being Racist!!!

Erica Mena says she's sorry for calling her reality show costar a monkey -- but she insists there was no racism behind the insult.

The ex-'Love & Hip Hop' star -- who was booted from the show for hurling the word -- tells TMZ ... "I deeply regret my insensitive comment and want to humbly apologize to anybody I hurt or offended by my thoughtlessness. My choice of words was wrong, and I take full responsibility for what I said."


She adds, "I am committed to listening to the voices of those affected and will work toward making amends. As a woman of color and the mother of two black children, I want to make it clear that my use of that word was not in any way racially driven."

Erica ends with this ... "That said, I do understand the gravity of what I said and want to use my platform to promote inclusivity and equality."

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Worth noting, Erica identifies as an Afro-Latina -- with Dominican and Puerto Rican roots.

You'll recall ... Erica was cut loose from 'L&HH: Atlanta' after MTV aired the controversial episode in question -- in which EM and Spice got into a heated argument, which erupted into a fight ... and where Erica invoked the term "monkey" while she was lashing out.

That ugly moment came on the heels of yet another ... an Atlanta-area arrest that saw Erica get booked on a number of charges, including allegedly attacking a police officer.

Now that Erica's apologized, do you think she should be allowed back on 'L&HH'? Sound off by answering the question in our game below.

'L&HH' Star Erica Mena Allegedly Bit Security During Arrest ... Cops Claim She Said She Was Pregnant, But She's Not!!!

Erica Mena apparently wasn't just kicking and screaming during her arrest last weekend in Atlanta -- she was allegedly biting too ... not to mention dropping some fake baby news, so say cops and her lawyer.

The 'Love & Hip Hop' star was one of four people arrested Friday at a lounge there in town after police say all hell broke loose when they were asked to leave by the security -- and according to the police report, obtained by TMZ, it was a lot uglier than what we all saw.


The doc lays out what APD officers say went down -- and one of them describes a chaotic brawl he says he was trying to break up ... and says EM was in the middle of it all.

According to the cop, Erica was fighting like hell ... even brutalizing security guards as they tried to get her out of the facility. During the melee, the officer says one of the guards told him Erica had chomped down on his forearm ... and she allegedly kicked another in the face!

The officer claims he took some licks from Erica as well ... but after a lot of physical struggle, he was finally able to get her under control.

Another interesting tidbit -- the officer in this report says Erica made clear she was pregnant. Unfortunately, that didn't prevent her from getting busted ... and her lawyer tells us she was fibbing.

Erica's attorney, Drew Findling, tells TMZ ... "On behalf of Erica Mena (who is not pregnant), we will immediately start investigating the events of August 25, 2023. It is clear that this was an incident between citizens, private security and off-duty police officers that was not properly handled or de-escalated."

He continued, "We know this because the officer readily admits in his report that he punched a private citizen in the face 4 or 5 times and used unnecessary force against Erica as well. While Erica regrets some of the circumstances of that night, it is also important to understand the context and details of the incident so we will do our due diligence and review accordingly."

As for the others who were hauled to jail -- including Bambi Richardson and Zellswag, plus a mutual friend of theirs -- APD says they were all trying to prevent officers from restraining Erica the entire time ... which explains why they were booked for misdemeanor obstruction.

It's still unclear what precipitated this whole thing ... but it sure ended in a mess.

Erica Mena Booted from 'L&HH' After Monkey Slur

Erica Mena won't be on MTV's waves anymore, 'cause she called a Black woman a monkey on one of their biggest reality shows ... and the network's fired her over it.

The longtime 'Love & Hip Hop' fixture was cut loose from her current iteration of the popular show -- this according to the official 'Love & Hip Hop' account itself ... which just announced her departure Saturday.

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The message reads, "The Love & Hip Hop franchise has never shied away from hard conversations in our community. Working hand-in-hand with our partners, viewers will see the impact of Erica Mena's remarks play out in the final three episodes of the season."

They add, "Effective immediately, she will not appear in the next season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." It's unclear if this means Erica won't/can't appear in other 'L&HH' series ... there are a lot of versions of it, and she's bounced around from coast to coast since way back in 2011 -- when she first started to appear in the franchise.


The news comes on the heels of a recent episode that aired, showing Erica fighting with fellow costar Spice -- with whom she gets into it over fractured family dynamics ... and whether her son loves her or not. Spice suggested he didn't ... and it sent EM into a rage.

During the brouhaha -- which saw Erica flip a table -- Erica called Spice a monkey ... and that appeared to rub people the wrong way on set. BTW, Spice is Black ... and Erica is Afro-Latina, coming from Puerto Rican/Dominican ancestry ... which complicates this a bit.

Anyway, that exchange drew a lot of backlash, with many calling for Erica's job ... and it sounds like the 'L&HH' honchos have given in to their demands. Strangely enough, now their decision is catching some flak as well ... as some argue the whole thing feels calculated.

Namely, many are accusing 'L&HH' producers of being exploitative -- having had this footage for a while, airing/marketing it for views ... and seemingly only responding to the public reaction. In any case ... Erica's out of there -- capping off a turbulent 2 weeks for her.

Remember, she was just arrested a little while ago for a brawl at an Atlanta club that allegedly resulted in her attacking police officers. Other 'L&HH' stars were busted too.

Erica hasn't responded to this latest professional development ... we'll see what she says.

'L&HH' Stars Arrested in Atlanta ... Wild Video Shows Brawl at Lounge


Some of 'Love & Hip Hop's stars got busted in Atlanta last night -- and based on this video of the brawl ... they should consider a name change, 'cause there was no love here at all.

Erica Mena and Bambi Richardson -- of 'L&HH: Atlanta' fame -- were taken to jail alongside 'L&HH: Hollywood's' Zellswag ... where they all posed for mug shots and got booked on a slew of charges, ranging from obstruction of law enforcement to battery on a police officer.

Mena is the only one being charged with attacking a cop, BTW ... Zellswag is facing a simple battery and obstruction charge, while Bambi was just charged with obstruction.

As for what the hell happened here, Atlanta PD says they got a call to respond to the Lucca Lounge Friday over a dispute between some patrons and the security guards ... and when they arrived, the officers claim all hell broke loose as they tried deescalating the situation.

APD claims the patrons -- who ended up being Mena, Bambi and Zell, plus a male pal of theirs -- became combative ... and that much seems to be clear in the clip TMZ obtained.

You can see officers trying to rip people off each other ... as others in the lounge rush over to get involved. It looks like some black-shirted security guards were in the mix as well -- all this while Usher's "Nice & Slow" plays loudly. Nothing nice or slow about this, though.

As of this writing ... Erica, Bambi and Zellswag are all still in custody.

Safaree Halle Paying Olivier Child Support??? He's Not a Man!!!

Safaree isn't here for Halle Berry writing fat child support checks to ex-husband Olivier Martinez ... in fact, he sees it as an inappropriate gender role reversal!!!

As we reported, Halle and Olivier's divorce settlement calls for her to pay him $8k per month ... plus, and additional 4.3 percent of any annual income she makes over $2 million.

Safaree, who has no connection to either party, decided to weigh in nonetheless ... saying, "A man getting child support is crazy he might as well put on a dress."

Welp, that sexist hot take drew plenty of fire online, but the "Love & Hip Hop" star says he's not about to argue with haters on social media -- not unless there's a paycheck involved.

As for why Safaree feels the need to voice his opinion at all ... we're guessing it has something to do with the fact, he's forking out a few thousand himself each month to his ex-wife Erica Mena.

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story ... Safaree agreed to pay $4,305 a month in child support after his divorce was finalized in September 2022.


Erica wasn't exactly thrilled with that figure, as she told us kids are expensive to raise in this day and age.

Seems Olivier deserves that same consideration ... the fact is, the bigger breadwinner always pays child support. That's likely the real reason for Safaree's old-fashioned (to put it kindly) opinion -- he's just not comfortable with an S.O. making more than him. 🤷🏽‍♂️

'L&HH' Star Momma Dee Injured In Hit-and-Run


Momma Dee just wanted to do some shopping, but ended up in an ambulance ... after someone allegedly slammed into her parked car, and then drove off.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star tells TMZ ... she was going to a Sephora store in Atlanta Wednesday when she was injured in a hit-and-run.

Momma Dee says she parked on a busy street and her car was struck by another driver right as she was going to get out of her vehicle. She says the car that hit her was a black Ford sedan, and it kept on going after the collision.

TMZ obtained video of Momma Dee being treated in an ambulance ... as well as photos of the car damage and her injuries. Momma says the bumps, bruises, and scratches are minor.

Lil Scrappy's mom tells us police are on the hunt.

Big Lex Joseline Hernandez 'Beat Me Real Bad' ... 911 Call After Floyd Mayweather Brawl


Big Lex called 911 after getting beat up by Joseline Hernandez -- but she wasn't seeking medical attention ... she was seeking justice, demanding for cops to arrest the perpetrator.

TMZ has obtained the dispatch audio capturing BL's emergency call Sunday night -- this after she'd taken a brutal beating at the hands of Joseline backstage during Floyd Mayweather's exhibition fight -- and it sounds like she had one thing in mind ... pressing charges.

Take a listen for yourself ... you hear Lex talking to the operator, who's asking her all the standard questions -- and she sounds relatively calm, cool and collected about it all.


She gives all the proper info, but when the dispatcher asks if she needs medical personnel for any injuries -- Lex actually says no. Instead, she says she just needs cops on hand ... 'cause she says she only wants to file a police report -- obviously in hopes of an arrest.

Lex says she's waiting at a nearby gas station and is standing by to give officers all the pertinent details. Clearly, she gave them what they needed to ultimately throw on handcuffs.

As we reported ... Joseline was hauled off to jail and booked on battery and trespassing charges. Her mug shot certainly makes it seem like she'd been through one wild night.

Of course, this whole incident was caught on camera ... and you can clearly see Joseline raining blows on Big Lex, while also having her in a headlock. The violent altercation ended up leaving Lex partially unclothed ... and it took a little while before they were separated.

Lex wasn't the only person Joseline was swinging on, BTW -- there's tons of footage of her attempting to attack other people that night, including grown men. Unclear what exactly precipitated all the drama ... but it ended the way Lex wanted, with JH behind bars.

'L&HH: ATL' Ariane Davis Arrested For NYC Catfight ... Left Woman's Face & Necked Scratched Up!!!

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" alum Ariane Davis' recent trip to NYC may have been more trouble than it's worth ... we've learned the reality TV star was arrested and booked on an assault/domestic violence charge.

According to law enforcement sources ... NYPD officers responded to a 911 call early this morning at a New York City-area hotel where Ariane and a female friend were staying.

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We're told when officers arrived on the scene, they found a woman with scratches to her face, neck and cheek ... which she said was the result of a verbal altercation that turned physical.

We're told the woman refused medical attention but cops still cuffed and booked Ariane for misdemeanor DV assault.

Ariane has been off 'Love & Hip Hop' for years but apparently, drama still follows closely.

'L&HH's' Joseline Hernandez Arrested for Big Lex Beatdown ... During Mayweather Fight


9:17 AM PT -- Cops clearly got wind of the incident, as Joseline Hernandez was arrested early Monday on at least 4 charges including trespassing and battery. She certainly doesn't look pleased in her mug shot -- obtained by TMZ.


Floyd Mayweather might've been throwing jabs this weekend, but Joseline Hernandez was handing out haymakers backstage ... landing several on Big Lex.

The former "Love & Hip Hop" star -- dressed in light blue -- was on hand Sunday during FM's exhibition fight against John Gotti III in South Florida ... as were a ton of other Zeus Network-connected reality stars, like Big Lex for example.

Lex -- once featured on Joseline's own reality show, "Joseline's Cabaret" -- was on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown during the boxing match.

The video of her taking a whoopin' is going viral on social media right now ... and for good reason. You see Joseline holding Lex in a headlock while she wails on her -- which got so violent and tumultuous, it actually ended up leaving BL flailing and topless.

Clearly, Joseline got the better of Lex in the moment ... eventually, the women were separated. However, Joseline wasn't done using her fists -- she continued to throw punches at a bunch of different people in the vicinity (even men) ... and seemed to strike at random.

At one point, an unknown woman walking by all the commotion threw a drink in Joseline's direction ... and then got chased out of the building once JH realized where it came from.

It's unclear what precipitated the brawl -- but it obviously had Joseline in a wild state.


This wasn't the only chaos in the building that night ... another brouhaha broke out in the actual ring itself, not between the boxers -- but between their teams and management. Gotti was disqualified in the 6th for continuous holding ... and yet, he continued to battle.

Floyd's team jumped in to stop him themselves ... and that spurred an all-out rumble. Safe to say the antics made it one of the craziest sporting events anyone's seen in quite a while.

Originally Published -- 7:17 AM PT

LiAngelo Ball Expecting First Child W/ L&HH Star ... 'Excited For This Next Chapter'

The famous Ball family is growing by one ... 'cause LiAngelo just announced he and his girlfriend Nikki Mudarris are expecting their first bundle of joy together!

The professional basketball player and former "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star revealed the amazing news to their millions of Instagram followers on Friday with pics from an intimate photo shoot.

"My partner and I are excited for this next chapter of our journey as soon-to-be parents!! 🧸🤎," Ball said in the caption.

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Mudarris left a comment in the post ... saying she can't wait to meet their baby this summer.

"I wouldn’t want to bring our Angel to this world with anybody else," Mudarris said. "I love you ❤️"

Of course, this means LaVar Ball is going to be a grandpa once again (Lonzo already has a baby), while Zo and LaMelo Ball become uncles ... and they're hyped!

"My mom was yelling and cheering in excitement," the 24-year-old told People. "When I told my brothers they were happy for me and also excited to become new uncles to my seed."

The relationship between Gelo and the 32-year-old reality star was private for a long time until Nikki confirmed they were an item by congratulating her man on his NBA contract in her IG story last year.

Gelo also had several stints in the G League ... spending time with the Oklahoma City Blue and the Charlotte Hornets-affiliated Greensboro Swarm.

Congrats to the soon-to-be parents!!!

Trick Daddy $60K to Replace 30-Yr-Old Gold Grills With Blinding Veneers!!!

Trick Daddy has officially ended an era -- his gold grills, which were in dire need of an upgrade after 30 years -- are now gone!!!

Danielle Noguera, CEO of 5 Star Smiles, tells TMZ Hip Hop the Miami rap legend had a moment of clarity about his oral health after refusing to visit the dentist for 15 years. 😳

Trick’s golden chompers were first set in 1994 and remained front and center, if you will, while he made plenty of platinum raps.

But, the permanent caps decayed Trick’s teeth so badly he had to undergo bone loss surgery and currently has temporary fillings in place as his gums heal. He'll have the bottom teeth removed next week.

We’re told Trick has spent $60k on treatment thus far, and the final treatment will be done in about two months ... with a mouthful of porcelain veneers being the final result!!!

“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” will document the entire procedure and the final results in the new season’s first episode later this year.

Prepare to say “Ahhhhh!!!”

'Love & Hip Hop's Roccstar Stops Burglar On the Roof ... Held Man At Gunpoint!!!

Intruders beware at Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood Jr.'s home -- when the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star found some guy creeping on his roof, he handled it on his own ... according to law enforcement.

Cops say the platinum-selling Chris Brown producer told officers he was awakened a little past 5:00 AM Monday by an alarm alerting him someone was on the garage roof at his Chatsworth, CA home.

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He says he went outside and, at gunpoint, ordered the guy off his roof ... but when he came down, an altercation broke out between them.

We're told Roccstar overpowered the guy, and then security for his gated community arrived to help detain the man until cops arrived.

The suspect was evaluated at the hospital for injuries before he was arrested for attempted burglary, vandalism, and possession of burglary tools.

We reached out to Roccstar to see where his mind is after going all Israel Adesanya on his visitor. We'll report back with the updates!!!

'Love And Hip Hop' Brittney Taylor Arrested, Charged With Assault ... Allegedly Beat Kids' Father With Bat

Brittney Taylor of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" fame has been arrested ... after allegedly assaulting her kids' father with a baseball bat ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Brittney got into a physical altercation earlier this month with Afeez, father of her 2-year-old and 8-month-old. She turned herself in last week after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

A source familiar tells us the alleged beating came after Afeez flew to NY to see his kids, although he'd been keeping his distance due to some bad blood between him and Brittney.

As he and his mom were leaving the apartment with the kids, Brittney allegedly said something to him which he ignored, and we're told that set her off.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Afeez told cops Brittney then punched him in the face while his kids were present.  Afeez then left the residence, but cops say Brittney followed him out with the bat, hitting him and leaving him with a laceration and significant facial bleeding.

Docs say Afeez ended up going to the hospital, getting stitches for a cut above his eye. She's now been charged with two counts of assault, one count of endangering the welfare of a child, and one count of criminal possession of a weapon.

Afeez recently made some claims on social media about getting assaulted, which got fans wondering if Brittney was involved. It sounds like this incident may be what he was referring to in the posts.


As we reported, Brittney's "LHH" costar Remy Ma was arrested and quickly bailed out back in 2019 for allegedly punching Brittney at a concert, but those charges were dropped. Now it appears the tables have turned, with Brittney accused of being the aggressor.

Moniece Slaughter GloRilla Got My IG Deleted!!!


“Love & Hip Hop” alum Moniece Slaughter has a skeleton's worth of bones to pick with GloRilla -- she's accusing the Memphis rapper of cutting her off from more than 1 million IG followers!!!

Following GloRilla and producer Hitkidd’s spat over “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” royalties, Moniece spoke up in the comment section of "The Neighborhood Talk" … and that soon spilled over to some greasy talk in the DMs, as GloRilla messaged Moniece.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Glo laid into the reality TV star for not having sole custody of her kid with B2K singer Lil' Fizz, and said she's confident Moniece is too "old" to beat her up if the beef should ever get physical.

Before Moniece could even attempt to get the last laugh, she got a suspension email from Meta for cyberbullying in the DMs!!!

A frustrated Moniece jumped over to Twitter to blame GloRilla for snitching -- but that hasn't helped her case with the Facebook/IG police just yet.

It is interesting that Moniece got suspended when it was Glo who fired off the first DM. 🤔

Safaree & Erica Mena Divorce Finalized ... New Child Support Guidelines Set

The former marriage of Safaree and Erica Mena is officially dissolved -- they've finalized their divorce terms ... TMZ has learned.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ show the judge signed off on the divorce September 12, after the exes came to their agreement through arbitration. Among those terms ... Safaree will dole out $4,305 a month in child support.

Allow us to jog your memory ... Erica filed for divorce in May 2021 and the two have been living separately since, sharing joint custody of their 2 young children.

The pair already unloaded their sprawling $1.3 million Georgia mansion in June and, with the marriage officially over, the docs say Erica will again go by her maiden name.

The "Love & Hip Hop" power couple were married for less than 2 years when Erica claimed Safaree was cheating while she was pregnant with their second child, and she allegedly trashed his stuff ... effectively flushing the marriage for good.

Might sound harsh, but sometimes divorce just is the best option for some couples.

'L&HH's Spice Reality TV Breaks Bones... Masika & Hazel-E Know What They Signed Up For!!!


There's a war going on within the Zeus Network ... stemming from "Love & Hip Hop" star Masika Kalysha dragging Hazel-E to court over their televised fight.

TMZ broke the story, Masika wants $6 million for injuries sustained from the brawl, as well as sexual battery after claiming the security guard who broke them up touched her butt ... but their fellow "L&HH" alum Spice doesn't seem so convinced.

We caught the dancehall queen in NYC this week promoting her raunchy "Tape Measure" single ... and while Spice admits she hasn't seen this particular scuffle, Spice thinks punches and kicks sorta complement their particular brand of reality TV.

Spice says certain odds and ends are detailed in TV series contracts, although they might not read as explicitly as "user beware ... may get your ass beat!"

As far as the "touchy-feely" security guard, Spice says there's going to be inadvertent contact when it comes to breaking up a fight. Those hands have to land somewhere!!!

We're still waiting to hear back from Zeus ... but this case will probably be solved by the fine print in the contract!!!

Spice is more of a lover than a fighter anyway

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