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Tobacco Companies


Whether They Know It or Not

8/26/2014 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Big Tobacco gets a ton of free marketing from a vast array of Hollywood stars without paying them a dime … and there’s a chance they've gotten help from you, too.

Every time a celebrity is photographed smoking, they're giving Big Tobacco free advertising. And every time you share that photo, you're doing it too. That's a ton of press on top of the $8 billion (Billion. With a B.) they spend in marketing every year in the U.S.

There’s an upside: smoking is down in this country (9% of teens smoke now vs 23% in 2000) but we can still push towards ending it for good.

How? Stop sharing and liking photos that feature cigarette smoking and show Big Tobacco you refuse to be one of their unpaid spokespeople.

Be the generation that ends smoking.


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Tom Foolery    

Seems like you are looked down upon these days if you smoke cigs, its a personal choice an is treated like you are less of a person if you do. God our present day society needs to worry about their dang selves, some of the greatest people an minds who ever lived smoked tobacco. Smoking will never stop just like the idiots who want to preach how horrible it is. In Smokey's words off friday "dont worry bout what the **** I be doing. There are a lot things worse going on in this world than smoking smfh

57 days ago

BLUE UGLY đŸ’©    

Anyone who smokes cigs knowing what we all know now about them is an IDIOT

57 days ago


You do realize that now you have shared pictures of them smoking, right?

57 days ago

The Del Rubio Triplets    

Tobacco is nasty. I'd much rather smoke cannabis:)

57 days ago

Gru V    

Wow, TMZ, trying to do something good..hat's off, thumbs up, way to go!

57 days ago
6. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

I agree with the ad...i dont get smoking...knowingly destroying your aveoli over a bad way is it gd for your lungs..self destruct.

57 days ago


What's the difference between smoking pot and smoking cigarettes? Everyone in the newsroom were sickened by the notion that these celebs were smoking (which is still legal in all 50 states) but when you reported Jakie Chan's son being caught with pot, you all minimalized it saying it was no big deal even though in most states it is illegal to smoke pot. Isn't that just a little hypocritical.

57 days ago


Wait, TMZ is actually supporting a good cause?!?! Wtffff. The apocalypse must be looking.

57 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I love watching a sexy woman give a smoking blow job haha.

57 days ago


No no it looks so kool and u look kool too...smoking is really really really kool...if ur not smoking ur not kool ur just a dud...what's more kooler then smelling like a ash trash it kool to taste like one too when u kiss someone too...its so fff gross...I hate smokers..

57 days ago


Let the gov't make them illegal and not collect billions of dollars in taxes on them. As long as the product is legal, the activity of using them is legal, so STFU, nannyTMZ.

57 days ago


Where can I like this... Oh I will share it on Facebook... More marketing.

57 days ago


What's the difference between smokers and non smokers? A smoker won't get on ur case for not smoking, it's my lungs, I'll do what I wish with them

57 days ago


So... my comment suggesting the government make cigarettes illegal instead of taxing them for billions of dollars in profit was deleted, but not the rah-rah TMZ posts?
It's legal use of a legal product, petition the gov't, not social media.

57 days ago


Be the generation that ends tmz and stops posting stories of Celebs and giving them fame and giving them money. How bout that ?

57 days ago
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