10 Things To Look Forward to in 2015 According to "Back to the Future II"

1/23/2015 9:04 AM PST

The future is now -- Tony Hawk is already riding hoverboards ... and Nike's promised us self-lacing shoes later this year.

Here are 10 more new realities to look forward to, as predicted by the 2015 of "Back to the Future II"!

10. Predictable weather

9. Trash compacted into laser discs

8. Two neckties as the latest fashion trend

7. Leashes that walk dogs on their own

6. Sick plastic hats

Bonus: Baby Elijah Wood!

5. Pedal-powered diners

4. A stream-lined Pepsi Perfect bottle

3. Produce on demand

2. The Chicago Cubs sweeping the World Series

1. Self-drying jackets

The future looks bright!