TMZ's Top 10 Drunk Stars Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3/17/2015 12:01 AM PDT

Pour yourself some green beer and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with TMZ's Top 10 Drunk Stars!

Just don't throw back too much -- you wouldn't want to find yourself added to the list next year.

10. Avril Lavigne forgets to pay

9. Former Miss USA Rima Fakih can't find her way

8. Dennis Rodman plays coy

7. Chyna's got Vince McMahon on her mind

6. Kristina Shannon finds it difficult to stay upright

5. Paz de la Huerta doesn't let a stumble keep her from her fan -- yes, fan

4. Jessica Simpson battles the drunk munchies

3. Charlie Sheen just wants to hold your hand

2. Tara Reid takes a tumble

1. Brittny Gastineau puts on a show