Caitlyn Jenner Gender Change I Still Sign My Name Bruce

9/16/2015 11:45 AM PDT

TMZ has now obtained the official documents Caitlyn Jenner filed to change her name and gender for legal purposes. 

In the docs, she says she wants a judge to sign off on her new name ... Caitlyn Marie Jenner.

She also checks the box to change her gender from male to female. It's interesting ... she signed the documents "Bruce Jenner," presumably because that's her recognized legal name.

TMZ broke the story ... Caitlyn says in her legal docs she wants medical and other info sealed from the public out of fear for her safety. She says in a declaration, "Although public support for my transition has been overwhelmingly supportive, I am also receiving unwelcome negative attention from private citizens, including threats of bodily harm."

Caitlyn attached a physician's declaration to the documents ... but they were not released pending a decision on sealing them.