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Al Michaels

Alan Richard "Al" Michaels (born November 12, 1944) is an American television sportscaster. Now employed by NBC Sports after nearly three decades (1977–2006) with ABC Sports, Michaels is one of the most prominent members of his profession. He is perhaps best known for his many years of calling play-by-play of National Football League games, including nearly two decades with Monday Night Football. He is also known for famous calls in other sports, including the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics and the earthquake-interrupted Game 3 of the 1989 World Series. Michaels was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Jay Michaels and Lila Roginsky/Ross. He grew up as a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. Coincidentally, at the time the Dodgers left Brooklyn, Michaels' family also moved to Los Angeles, California in 1958. Michaels attended Alexander Hamilton High School in L.A., with Joel Siegel, Michele Lee and Michelle Phillips, and was a baseball player.

Al Michaels -- Dennis Miller on 'MNF' ... 'He Had a Pretty Good Run'

Al Michaels
Dennis Miller on 'MNF' ... 'He Had a Pretty Good Run'

Dennis Miller's short-lived stint as broadcaster for "Monday Night Football" has been described in a lot of ways ... but this might be the first time anyone's called it a "good run."The comic's… READ MORE >

Al Michaels -- On Probation for the Next Two NFL Seasons

Al Michaels
On Probation For Next Two NFL Seasons

Al Michaels will NOT go to jail in his DUI case ... DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?!?!?KIDDING!!!!  He was never in any real danger of going to the slammer ('cause it was his first DUI) ... but… READ MORE >

- 1354 days ago
Al Michaels -- CHARGED With DUI

Al Michaels

Al Michaels has been charged with 2 counts of misdemeanor DUI in connection with his arrest in Santa Monica, CA last month ... TMZ has learned. If convicted, Michaels faces up 6 months in jail and… READ MORE >

- 1445 days ago
Al Michaels -- BACK IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT ... After DUI Arrest

Al Michaels
Back in the Driver's Seat ... After DUI Arrest

Just days after his DUI arrest, Al Michaels ventured back out to Hollywood to another fancy restaurant ... but instead of hiring a driver, he decided to take the wheel himself. TMZ was outside of… READ MORE >

- 1461 days ago
Al Michaels -- The DUI Mug Shot

Al Michaels
The DUI Mug Shot

Al Michaels cracked a confused sorta half-smile when it came time for the mug shot following his DUI arrest this weekend ... and TMZ has obtained the pic.  We broke the story ... the… READ MORE >

- 1463 days ago
Al Michaels Arrested -- Legendary Sportscaster Busted for DUI

Al Michaels

Al Michaels -- perhaps the most well-known sportscaster in the world -- was arrested Friday night for suspicion of DUI ... TMZ has learned.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Michaels went… READ MORE >

- 1464 days ago
Michael Irvin -- Al Michaels is Wrong - Raiders CAN Win!

Michael Irvin
I Don't Believe Al Michaels!!! Raiders CAN Win Super Bowl

NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin knows what it takes to win a Super Bowl ... or three ... and last night, he spoke out AGAINST Al Michaels ... saying the Oakland Raiders CAN win a championship… READ MORE >

- 2056 days ago
Al Davis Suggests Beef W/ Al Michaels Is Over Bogus Adultery Claim

Al Davis
Suggests Beef w/ Al Michaels Is Over Bogus Adultery Report

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis believes Al Michaels secretly blames him for planting a FALSE news report about Michaels cheating on his wife a while back ... and suggests that's the REAL reason… READ MORE >

- 2056 days ago
Al Michaels SLAMS Al Davis -- He's Killing the Raiders

Al Michaels
Raiders Will NEVER Win As Long As Al Davis Lives!

The Oakland Raiders will never EVER win another Super Bowl as long as the owner Al Davis is alive and breathing ... so says legendary "Sunday Night Football" announcer Al Michaels. Al was leaving… READ MORE >

- 2057 days ago
MNF's Al Michaels Throws Down NEW MIRACLE

MNF's Al Michaels Throws Down NEW MIRACLE

Al Michaels is now a TMZ legend after laying down an awesome voicemail greeting -- and it's his best work EVER!! Besides "Monday Night Football" ... oh, and that Olympic hockey "Miracle" thingy.… READ MORE >

- 2099 days ago