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Bam Margera

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Brandon Cole Margera, better known as Bam Margera, was born on September 28, 1979 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, to April Margera (née Cole) and Phil Margera. He was given the name Bam at age three, by his grandfather, after his habit of running into walls. He is of Italian (from his paternal grandfather), German, English, and Welsh descent. In high school, he'd often appear in articles in Jeff Tremaine's Big Brother magazine and made CKY videos with his older brother Jess and his friends Chris Raab, Ryan Dunn, and Brandon DiCamillo. He only attended high school because Chris Raab went. Bam dropped out of high school after Chris Raab got suspended for smearing feces on lockers, but his parents persuaded him to get his GED which he got. In 2000, Jeff Tremaine made a deal with MTV to make a show called Jackass and Bam got a spot on the show. Even though Jackass lasted two years, Margera would go on to star in the Jackass movies and even have his own reality television series, Viva La Bam featuring his family and CKY members including Jackass star and close friend Ryan Dunn. Over the years, he starred in other Jackass films and other skateboarding projects. In 2011, he lost his best friend Ryan Dunn from a drunk-driving accident. He now has his own game show, Bam's Badass Gameshow.  See full bio on IMDb »

Bam Margera Sentenced in DUI Case

Bam Margera
Sentenced in DUI Case

Bam Margera just avoided jail time in his DUI case ... instead getting probation, AA meetings and some fines and fees. We broke the story, Bam was pulled over by the CHP back in January for being… READ MORE >

Bam Margera Charged with DUI

Bam Margera
Charged with DUI

Bam Margera has officially been charged with 2 counts of DUI ... TMZ has learned. The L.A. City Attorney's Office has charged Bam with 1 count of driving under the influence and 1 count of… READ MORE >

- 183 days ago
Steve-O Expresses Concern for Bam Margera, Offers Earnest Advice on Getting Sober

I'm Rooting for Bam ... But Rehab's Just a Start!!!

Steve-O's glad his old friend Bam Margera has checked into rehab, but as an expert on the topic ... he knows Bam's got a long way to go in beating his addiction. We got a studious-looking… READ MORE >

- 188 days ago
Bam Margera Plans to Head to Rehab Friday After TV Commitments

Bam Margera
Will Check Into Rehab After TV Commitments

Bam Margera's going to knock out a couple entertainment gigs in L.A., and then start trying to get a handle on his life ... TMZ has learned. Bam's mom, April Margera, tells us ... the plan is for… READ MORE >

- 192 days ago
Bam Margera's Family, Friends Working on Getting Him Into Rehab

Bam Margera
Fam, Friends Working Together To Get Him to Rehab

Bam Margera's inner circle is taking immediate steps to get him help after his DUI arrest over the weekend ... by actively seeking out a rehab center for him. TMZ broke the story ... Bam was… READ MORE >

- 193 days ago
Bam Margera Arrested for DUI

Bam Margera
Arrested for DUI After Close Encounter with Cops

Bam Margera got busted Sunday morning for DUI, and he made it pretty easy for cops to make the arrest ... TMZ has learned. We're told Bam drove past CHP officers who were in the middle of… READ MORE >

- 193 days ago
Bam Margera -- Hauled Off by Cops ... You're Finnished Drinking, Pal!

Bam Margera
Hauled Off by Cops ... You're Finnished Drinking, Pal!

Bam Margera spent a night in a Finnish drunk tank after getting into an argument with his wife. Helsinki cops tell TMZ ... they detained the "Jackass" star on Sunday night outside the Sea Horse --… READ MORE >

- 701 days ago
Bam Margera -- My Wife Got a DUI and Wrecked Our Porsche!

Bam Margera
My Wife Got a DUI And Wrecked Our Porsche

Bam Margera's wife got busted for DUI after getting into an accident while driving the same Porsche Bam was in a wreck years ago ... TMZ has learned.  According to cops in West Chester, PA… READ MORE >

- 787 days ago
'Jackass' Star Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera Dead

Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera
'Jackass' Star Dead

Vincent Margera -- the uncle of Bam Margera who appeared in "Jackass" -- has died ... TMZ has learned. Vincent became famous for pranks he pulled off with Bam on the TV show and later the… READ MORE >

- 978 days ago
Bam Margera -- 3 Months Sober Thanks to Reality TV

Bam Margera
3 Months Sober Thanks to Reality TV

Bam Margera is bouncing back from rock bottom, quitting booze cold turkey ... and crediting a doctor he met on reality TV for his sober streak.  Bam's mom April tells us he's been sober… READ MORE >

- 1000 days ago
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