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Cheech Marin

Richard Anthony "Cheech" Marin (born July 13, 1946) is an American comedian, actor and writer who gained recognition as part of the comedy act Cheech & Chong during the 1970s and early 1980s, and as Don Johnson's partner, Insp. Joe Dominguez on Nash Bridges. He has also voiced characters in several Disney productions, including Oliver and Company, The Lion King, It's Tough to be a Bug!, Cars, Cars 2 and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Marin's trademark is his character's strong Mexican-accent; this is part of a comic persona, rather than a natural accent since Marin was born and raised in the United States. Marin was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Elsa (née Meza), a secretary, and Oscar Marin, a policeman in the LAPD. Marin was born with a cleft lip, which has long since been repaired. Although he speaks Spanish and uses it in some of his movies, he is not particularly fluent. Marin's nickname "Cheech" is short for "chicharron", a fried pork skin that is a popular snack in Mexican cuisine and a favorite of marijuana smokers afflicted with "the munchies", and the nickname's alliteration with Chong's surname made "Cheech and Chong" an obvious choice for the name of the duo. The

Cheech Marin -- $55,000 in Guitars ... Up in Smoke

Cheech Marin
$55,000 in Guitars Up in Smoke

Cheech Marin better hope guitar chop shops ain't a thing -- he just had 4 extremely unique ones swiped from a private warehouse, and he's begging the thieves to return them.Cheech owns a… READ MORE >

Cheech and Chong -- 'Free Weed' For Audience Members ... At Spike Awards Show

Cheech and Chong
'Free Weed' For Audience Members At Spike Awards Show

Cheech and Chong doled out a bunch of "free weed" at the Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards show Saturday night ... but they're not going to jail for it -- 'cause the buds were fake.The famous… READ MORE >

- 1053 days ago
Cheech & Chong -- Car Crashes Into 'Next Movie' House

Cheech & Chong
Car Crashes Into House from 'Next Movie'

We swear we're not high ... but a car crashed into an East LA house last week that just happened to be the EXACT SAME HOUSE Cheech & Chong smashed up in a movie over 30 years ago. Far out,… READ MORE >

- 1697 days ago
Judge to Cheech -- You Are NOT a Threat

Judge to Cheech -- You Are NOT a Threat

Cheech Marin may be "rude" ... but he doesn't pose a real physical threat to his ex-wife -- this according to an L.A. County Superior Court judge who refused to issue a restraining order against… READ MORE >

- 2260 days ago
Cheech Marin's Ex-Wife Claims Violent Abuse

Cheech Marin's Ex-Wife Claims Violent Abuse

Cheech Marin's ex-wife filed a restraining order against the comedian, after he allegedly screamed at her, "F**k you, bitch" ... and she claims there was plenty of violence before the incident.The… READ MORE >

- 2274 days ago
Cheech & Chong: Who'd You Rather?

Cheech & Chong
Who'd You Rather?

Comedy duo Tommy Chong (left) and Cheech Marin (right) reunited at some marijuana event in D.C. on Wednesday.Question is ... See Also Ben vs. Hurley: Who'd You Rather? Chicks from 'Up in the Air':… READ MORE >

- 2657 days ago
Cheech Takes Pot Shot at Obama

Cheech Takes Pot Shot at Obama

If there's anyone who would be the know-all, end-all on weed smokers, it'd be Cheech Marin -- and when we asked him if he thought Obama ever inhaled, he had a great answer.If this YouTube clip is… READ MORE >

- 3101 days ago
Another Hollywood Baby Bump?!

Another Hollywood
Baby Bump?!

Is there another pregnant man?!While out golfing in South Carolina on Thursday, Cheech Marin was snapped with his bulging belly.While his reps won't comment on Cheech's personal life, it seems… READ MORE >

- 3266 days ago