Cheech & Chong Car Crashes Into House from 'Next Movie'

9/1/2012 1:45 PM PDT

Cheech & Chong -- Car Crashes Into 'Next Movie' House

We swear we're not high ... but a car crashed into an East LA house last week that just happened to be the EXACT SAME HOUSE Cheech & Chong smashed up in a movie over 30 years ago. Far out, man!

In the 1980 classic "Cheech & Chong's Next Movie," the stoner duo crashes their sweet van onto the front lawn of a house ... and then drives through the fence on the way out. 

Cut to last week when a Chevy HHR drove through the fence of the very same house. The homeowner tells us he wasn't home at the time of crash and is currently getting a repair estimate for the fence.

And get this ... the owner says he didn't even know he was living in the house from the movie until this accident happened.

Trippy, bro!