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DeAndre Jordan

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DeAndre Jordan is an actor, known for Beyond the Lights (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) and Real Life H-O-R-S-E! With Dave Franco & DeAndre Jordan (2013).  See full bio on IMDb »

DeAndre Jordan to NCAA: Pay Your Players, And Don't Be Cheap About It!

DeAndre Jordan to NCAA
Pay Your Players ... And Don't Be Cheap!

DeAndre Jordan says the NCAA should absolutely pay its players ... and if they do, a crappy salary won't cut it. We got DJ out at Poppy over the weekend, and the Clippers All-Star didn't… READ MORE >

DeAndre Jordan Looks Sad After Blake Griffin Trade

DeAndre Jordan
Looks Sad After Blake Griffin Trade

DeAndre Jordan didn't just sit at home and sulk after his Clippers teammate (and good friend), Blake Griffin, was traded to Detroit ... he hit the town -- but wasn't his usual happy… READ MORE >

- 111 days ago
Rockets' Eric Gordon on Clippers Fight: 'No Biggie'

Rockets' Eric Gordon
On Clippers Fight: 'No Biggie'

Despite tempers flaring and a locker room standoff, Houston Rockets player Eric Gordon says the incident with the Clippers is simply, "No biggie." Yeah, right.  Gordon hit up Catch in West… READ MORE >

- 125 days ago
DeAndre Jordan Gets Middle Finger for Picking Georgia Over Alabama

DeAndre Jordan:
Georgia Over 'Bama! Lady Friend: 'Eff You!'

Here's NBA star DeAndre Jordan getting the bird from a hot chick he was out with Sunday night ... and it's all because he picked Georgia to beat 'Bama. DeAndre fronted like a Dawgs… READ MORE >

- 133 days ago
DeAndre Jordan on Matt Barnes' Retirement: 'One of the Best Teammates Ever'

DeAndre Jordan
On Matt Barnes' Retirement: 'One of the Best Teammates Ever'

DeAndre Jordan paid ex-Clippers teammate Matt Barnes the ultimate compliment just hours after his retirement ... saying he's one of the best dudes he's EVER shared a locker… READ MORE >

- 160 days ago
DeAndre Jordan Says Astros Only Lost to 'Make It Interesting'

DeAndre Jordan
Sorry, Dodger Fans ... Astros Only Lost to Keep It Interesting

Hope all the LOS ANGELES Clippers fans don't get too pissed about this ... 'cause one of their own, DeAndre Jordan, is going AGAINST L.A. saying the Astros are gonna take the World Series.… READ MORE >

- 201 days ago
Kevin Durant & DeAndre Jordan Have Dinner Date After Warriors Blow Out Clippers

Kevin Durant
Dinner Date With DeAndre Jordan After Dubs Beat Clippers

A blowout game ain't gonna come between Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan's friendship ... 'cause the 2 baller buddies grabbed dinner together after the Warriors beat up on the Clippers Monday… READ MORE >

- 202 days ago
DeAndre Jordan Rages with Kevin Durant at Vegas Bday Pool Party

DeAndre Jordan
Rages with Kevin Durant at Vegas Bday Pool Party

It's summertime ... so, here's DeAndre Jordan teaming up with his best party pal, Kevin Durant, to celebrate his birthday in Vegas ... with a guest appearance by one of the hottest DJs in the… READ MORE >

- 301 days ago
DeAndre Jordan: Lamar Odom's One of the Best Teammates Ever

DeAndre Jordan
Lamar Odom's My Guy One Of the Best Teammates Ever

DeAndre Jordan is riding hard for Lamar Odom -- not only reconnecting with the guy, but giving him one of the best compliments you can get in team sports.  Earlier this week, DJ and Odom hit… READ MORE >

- 312 days ago
DeAndre Jordan Tempts Fate Riding Skateboard In L.A.

DeAndre Jordan
Riding Skateboard In L.A. ... Tempting Fate

Hold your breath, Clippers nation ... your franchise center, DeAndre Jordan, is going full Tony Hawk ... hitting the streets of L.A. on a skateboard and, although it's terrifying, he… READ MORE >

- 336 days ago
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