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Judson Birza

Judson John "Fabio" Birza (born June 12, 1989), is an American male model, best known as the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua. At age 21 at the time of the game, he is the youngest person to win the show. Birza is a native of Lake St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from Wentzville Holt High School in 2007. Being the second youngest contestant of the season, he was placed at the "younger" La Flor tribe. He became the tribe's resident goofball, sending his tribemates to endless laughter at every opportunity, possibly except NaOnka Mixon, whom Birza had a conflict with after the former's missing socks. This led to a tirade from Mixon during their first Tribal Council, outright stating that she hated him and his antics. Birza then stated that it was his real personality, though he would use it as strategy. Early on, Birza was an alliance outsider. He initially sided with Shannon Elkins, Alina Wilson, Kelly Bruno and Ben Henry. Elkins wanted Brenda Lowe eliminated because her perceived deviousness. But due to Elkins' loudmouthing at their first Tribal Council, two of their allies (Henry and Bruno) eventually voted against him, sending Shannon home. After Elkins' elimination, his remaining

'Survivor' Winner after Jail -- Beer Me!!!

'Survivor' Winner after Jail -- Beer Me!!!

Judson "Fabio" Birza -- the "Survivor" winner dude -- cracked a beer right after walking out of jail. We'd say he was drowning his sorrows ... if he wasn't so damn happy. Limo ride probably… READ MORE >

"Survivor" Winner -- Outwit, Outlast, Outta Jail!

"Survivor" Winner -- Outwit, Outlast, Outta Jail!

Leave it to a "Survivor" winner to get picked up from jail in a LIMOUSINE! Moments after he got into the limo -- Birza and his buddies popped a few Tecates to celebrate his newfound freedom.   READ MORE >

- 2257 days ago
'Survivor' Winner Jailed - Under the Influence

'Survivor' Winner Jailed - Under the Influence

Judson Birza, the winner of "Survivor," season 21 in Nicaragua, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance ... TMZ has learned.Law… READ MORE >

- 2258 days ago

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