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Kid Rock

Musician Kid Rock was born Robert James Ritchie on January 17, 1971 in Detroit. He emerged in 1998 with the album “Devil Without a Cause” and one of his hit singles is “All Summer Long.” To promote his album Sweet Southern Sugar, he’ll embark on the “Greatest Show On Earth Tour 2018.” Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson divorced in 2007 after only a few months of marriage. He has a son named Robert Ritchie Jr. with ex Kelley South Russell. He got engaged to Audrey Berry in 2017.

Kid Rock Surprises Youth Basketball Team With Free Hot Cocoa

Kid Rock
Hey, Young Hoopers ... Free Hot Cocoa!!

Kid Rock had a group of youth basketball players yellin' "bawitdaba" after a recent Pistons game ... and all he had to do was hook 'em up with some free hot cocoa!! Here's what happened ...… READ MORE >

Kid Rock Tells Howard Stern, 'F*** No,' I'm Not Running for Senate

Kid Rock to Howard Stern
'F*** No' ... I'm Not Running for Senate

Welp, the cat's out the bag ... Kid Rock's NOT running for Senate. Kid was talking to Howard Stern Tuesday on his Sirius XM radio show when the question came up, and the musician swiftly shot it… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
Mike Tyson, Kid Rock Pony Up $$$ For Vegas Shooting Victims Fund

Mike Tyson, Kid Rock
Pony Up Big $$$ For Vegas Shooting Victims Fund

Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, The Chainsmokers ... just some of the big names digging into their pockets to help the victims of the horrific Las Vegas shooting.  After the Oakland Raiders donated… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
Eagles' Joe Walsh says I'm Not THAT Joe Walsh, I Pay My Child Support!!!

Eagles' Joe Walsh
I'm Not Joe Walsh!!! (That Dude's from Illinois!)

Joe Walsh wants everyone to know -- HE PAYS HIS CHILD SUPPORT!!! ... unlike another Joe Walsh. We got the famous Eagle Monday at LAX and asked about former Illinois GOP Congressman Joe… READ MORE >

- 180 days ago
Kid Rock: Kaepernick Is Unemployed Because He Sucks, Not Over Protest

Kid Rock
Kaepernick Is Unemployed Because He Sucks ... Not Over Protest

Colin Kaepernick is NOT being blackballed by the NFL, he's unemployed because he's not a good quarterback -- so says Kid Rock.  The rock star has been blasting Kaepernick at his concerts for… READ MORE >

- 187 days ago
Jermaine Dupri Says Usher, Lil Wayne Burying Themselves In Music Is A Good Thing

Jermaine Dupri
Music Makes Everything Better Just Ask Usher, Lil Wayne

Usher and Lil Wayne have the right idea for coping mechanisms ... make more music, according to Jermaine Dupri. We got Jermaine outside of Craig's in WeHo Thursday night and asked him how… READ MORE >

- 191 days ago
Kid Rock Hits Campaign Trail During Concert, Tells Nazis to 'Stay the F*** Away!'

Kid Rock
When I Run for Senate Nazis Better 'Stay the F*** Away!'

He's Kid Rock and he approves this message: "Nazis and bigots ... stay the f**k away!" Kid's all but confirmed he's running for a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan next year -- and gave us a peek at… READ MORE >

- 192 days ago
Kid Rock Has Right Stuff for Senate ... Says Smokey Robinson

Kid Rock
Could Really Have a Hold on Senate ... Says Smokey Robinson

If you think Kid Rock could be the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Michigan ... Smokey Robinson will second that emotion. We got the Motown legend at LAX and asked what he thought about… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
Kid Rock Already Has Republicans Gunning for Him, Pro and Con

Kid Rock
Pataki & Cain Weigh In On Rocker for Senate

Kid Rock's getting a big endorsement, and a big thumbs down, even before he officially runs for a Michigan Senate seat -- in other words ... welcome to politics, Kid! We got former U.S. Senator… READ MORE >

- 242 days ago
Donald Trump Invites Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin to Oval Office (PHOTOS)

Donald Trump
C'mon In Kid, Ted and Sarah!!! Check Out My Digs

Donald Trump held a super-conservative celebrity summit Wednesday night, mugging with Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. The pic was snapped in the Oval office during a dinner visit. The trio… READ MORE >

- 331 days ago
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