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Kim Jong Un

Comic Maria Bamford Files for Restraining Order Against Trump Over Nuclear War Fears

Donald Trump
Comic Files For Restraining Order Over Nuclear War Fears

Maria Bamford fears nuclear annihilation and wants a judge to reign in Donald Trump before it's too late. The comedian has filed legal docs asking a judge for a restraining order, claiming his… READ MORE >

Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un Human Rights Ads by Amnesty International Banned from D.C.

Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un
Human Rights Ads Banned from D.C.

Three super provocative ads featuring President Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un won't see the light of day -- at least not in our nation's capital ... TMZ has learned. Amnesty International… READ MORE >

- 62 days ago
Metta World Peace: I Can Ease Tensions with N. Korea!

Metta World Peace
I Can Ease Tensions with N. Korea ... Here's How!

Dear President Trump,  Metta World Peace has a few suggestions on how to prevent nuclear war with North Korea ... and it doesn't involve bragging about the size of your button.  Truth… READ MORE >

- 109 days ago
Donald Trump Gets Advice from 3-Star Army General: Call Rodman

Donald Trump
Advice from Famed 3-Star General ... CALL RODMAN!!!

One of the highest-ranked Army vets believes Dennis Rodman can help make peace with North Korea ... saying Donald Trump should seriously consider meeting with the ex-NBA star to smooth… READ MORE >

- 164 days ago
Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong-un 'Short and Fat' in Response to Being Called Old

Donald Trump
Blows Off Nuclear War Threats ... Calls Kim Jong-un 'Short and Fat'

Donald Trump just took the high road in a war of words with the leader of North Korea ... just kidding -- he called him short and fat. The Prez responded to Kim Jong-un calling him old… READ MORE >

- 164 days ago
Dennis Rodman to Trump: 'Please Help Us' with North Korea

Dennis Rodman to Trump:
'Please Help Us' with North Korea

Dennis Rodman is making a plea to POTUS on the eve of his trip to South Korea -- asking him to make peace with his North Korean bro, Kim Jong-un, as tensions rise over nuclear warfare.… READ MORE >

- 169 days ago
Vladimir Putin & Angela Merkel Talk North Korea Missiles

Putin & Merkel
So, About This Kim Jong-un Guy ...

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel had a close encounter at the G20 summit -- and their hands said a lot ... possibly about North Korea's latest missile launch. The Chancellor and the President… READ MORE >

- 291 days ago
Jordan Belfort says North Koreans Should Assassinate Kim Jong-un

Jordan Belfort
North Koreans Should Assassinate Kim Jong-un

The real-life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort predicts North Korea's dictator could be killed in a matter of months ... by his own people, with a little prodding. Jordan -- who spent… READ MORE >

- 293 days ago
Human Rights Org Wants Dennis Rodman Axed from HOF Over N. Korea

Human Rights Org
Wants Rodman Removed from HOF ... Over N. Korea Ties

A major human rights org is calling for the Basketball Hall of Fame to BOOT Dennis Rodman over his relationship with Kim Jong-un -- saying it's not right to publicly support a "murderer." … READ MORE >

- 308 days ago
Dennis Rodman Arrives in North Korea to Promote 'Something Pretty Positive'

Dennis Rodman
Rogue Diplomat in North Korea?

Dennis Rodman is at it again, playing diplomat and trying to ease fierce tensions between the U.S. and North Korea ... or so it seems. The NBA Hall of Famer arrived in Pyongyang Tuesday… READ MORE >

- 315 days ago
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