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Kim Jong Un

Department of Justice Charges North Korean Spy for 2014 Sony Hacking

Sony Hack
N. Korean Spy Did It ... Says Dept. of Justice

The Department of Justice is charging a North Korean spy for the infamous Sony hacking that sent shock waves around Hollywood. The DOJ charged Park Jin Hyok as the mastermind behind the 2014… READ MORE >

Dennis Rodman Drops Kim Jong-un Bomb Joke at Bruce Willis Roast

Dennis Rodman
Drops Kim Jong-un Bomb Joke ... at Bruce Willis Roast

Dennis Rodman went nuclear on Bruce Willis at the Comedy Central roast -- and he used his friend, Kim Jong-un, as a punchline.  Everyone knows how seriously Rodman has taken… READ MORE >

- 133 days ago
President Trump's Summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin Cost Over $300k

President Trump
Summit w/ Vladimir Putin Co$t Hundreds of Thousands!!

President Trump's historic summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin didn't come cheap ... U.S. taxpayers are on the hook for more than $300k ... TMZ has learned. According to federal docs --… READ MORE >

- 147 days ago
Donald Trump Sends Kim Jong-un Elton John's 'Rocket Man' CD

Donald Trump
Sends Kim Jong-un Elton John's 'Rocket Man' CD

It's just breathtaking ... Donald Trump sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to North Korea with a gift for Kim Jong-un  ... a copy of Elton John's "Rocket Man" with Trump's John Hancock on… READ MORE >

- 157 days ago
Mark Cuban Praises Red Hen for Kicking Sarah Sanders Out, Trump Blasts Restaurant

Mark Cuban
Praises Red Hen for 86ing Sanders ... Trump Blasts Restaurant as 'Dirty'

Mark Cuban has high praise for the restaurant owner who kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her restaurant over the weekend, while Donald Trump went on a rant claiming the eatery is filthy. We… READ MORE >

- 168 days ago
Dennis Rodman Says Michael Jordan Turned Down Kim Jong-un Invite

Dennis Rodman
Kim Jong-un Got Rejected ... By Michael Jordan

Before Kim Jong-un met Dennis Rodman in North Korea -- he reached out to Michael Jordan, but got shot down by His Airness ... this according to Rodman himself.  The Worm appeared on… READ MORE >

- 170 days ago
Charles Barkley Blasts 'Dictator' Kim Jong-un, Gives No Credit To Rodman

Charles Barkley
I Love Rodman ... But, You Helped a Dictator!

Charles Barkley clearly thinks Dennis Rodman made a huge mistake getting into bed with Kim Jong-un ... calling the guy a brutal dictator -- but says he's sort of giving The Worm a pass.  Our… READ MORE >

- 174 days ago
Doug Christie Would Never Return to N. Korea, Unless ...

Doug Christie
I'd Never Return to N. Korea Unless ...

Doug Christie -- one of the players on Dennis Rodman's '14 basketball trip to North Korea -- says there's NO WAY he'd return ... unless LeBron James was involved.  Christie -- along with… READ MORE >

- 175 days ago
Eagles Guitarist Joe Walsh Scoffs at Idea of Playing in North Korea

Eagles Guitarist Joe Walsh
Play 'Hotel California' in North Korea? Not. A. Chance.

Joe Walsh was almost disgusted at the suggestion the Eagles might ever do a show in North Korea. He's adamant -- it's NOT a lovely place ... thanks to Kim Jong-un. We got the legendary… READ MORE >

- 179 days ago
Donald Trump Defends and Praises Kim Jong-un in Fox News Interview

Donald Trump
Kim Jong-un's a Special Guy ... Sure, Maybe He Kills People

Donald Trump can't stop complimenting Kim Jong-un ... even when he's confronted with the fact the dude's a murderer. The Prez continued to heap praise on the North Korean leader Wednesday… READ MORE >

- 179 days ago
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