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Mark Heller

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Mark Heller was born on August 15, 1978 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England. He is known for his work on The Passage (2007), The Mulberry Tree (2010) and Star Crossed (2009).  See full bio on IMDb »

Lindsay Lohan -- I Got No Problem, So NO DEAL

Lindsay Lohan
I Got No Problem ... So NO DEAL!

Lindsay Lohan did NOT cut a plea bargain Wednesday with prosecutors in her lying-to-cops case ...TMZ has learned ... and right now it looks like she's headed for trial.We broke the story ... Santa… READ MORE >

Outrageous Letter to Prosecutors -- 'We Can Fix Lindsay Lohan'

Lindsay Lohan
Outrageous Letter to Prosecutor 'We Can Fix Her'

In one of the most inappropriate moves in memory ... Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer tried to get the judge in her criminal case to read a letter in which he claims he and the prosecutor are working… READ MORE >

- 1939 days ago
Lindsay Lohan -- The Cops Were Really Mean to Me!

Lindsay Lohan
The Cops Were Really Mean!

Lindsay Lohan asked for a lawyer when she was interviewed by cops after her June car crash ... but they told her no and then grilled her like a cheeseburger ... this according to documents filed… READ MORE >

- 1939 days ago
Lindsay Lohan Moves to Dismiss Lying-to-Cops Case -- I Wasn't Mirandized

Lindsay Lohan
Dismiss My Criminal Case I Wasn't Mirandized!

Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer has filed a motion seeking dismissal of Lindsay's lying-to-cops case on grounds she wasn't read her Miranda rights but he's WAY off base.Attorney Mark Heller isn't… READ MORE >

- 1940 days ago
Lindsay Lohan: Ok, It's Time for Me to Pay Shawn Holley

Lindsay Lohan
OK, It's Time For Me To Pay Shawn

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she was clueless until a few days ago that she owed Shawn Holley a small fortune in attorney's fees, but we're told now that she knows she's putting Shawn at the… READ MORE >

- 1961 days ago
Lindsay Lohan's New Lawyer -- My Cousin Vinny?!

Lindsay Lohan's New Lawyer
Is 'My Cousin Vinny?'

Here's Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer Mark Heller outside court in L.A. on Wednesday -- and Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini in the 1992 movie "My Cousin Vinny."They're both classic characters.We're just… READ MORE >

- 1966 days ago
Judge Sautner to Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm Glad to See You're Feeling Better'

Judge to Lindsay
'I'm Glad to See You're Feeling Better'

9:27 AM PT -- Heller is currently inside the courthouse and is expected to come out to address the media ... because he can't help himself.Judge Stephanie Sautner couldn't help herself during… READ MORE >

- 1966 days ago
Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer -- She Can't Fly with the Flu

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer
She Can't Fly With the Flu

TMZ has obtained the documents Lindsay Lohan's new, imported lawyer filed with the court, claiming she was too sick to appear in court.The doctor's note was not released because it contains… READ MORE >

- 1966 days ago
Lindsay Lohan Panics, Flies to L.A. for Court ... First Class

Lindsay Lohan
PANICS Flies First Class to L.A.

Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina took the last flight out of JFK last night and jetted to L.A. after being warned she'd be a wanted woman if she was a no-show in court this morning.Lindsay -- who is… READ MORE >

- 1966 days ago
Lindsay Lohan Scared Stiff -- Says She's Flying to L.A. For Court

Lindsay Lohan
Scared Stiff Going to Court

It's a good thing Lindsay Lohan looks at TMZ ... because we're told our story that she may be arrested has scared the crap out of her, and she's making plans to fly to L.A. tonight.We broke the… READ MORE >

- 1966 days ago
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