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Michael Phelps

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Michael Fred Phelps II was born in Towson, Maryland, to Deborah Sue (Davisson), a middle school principal, and Michael Fred Phelps, a state trooper. Before the 2004 Olympics started, rumor had it that 19 year-old Phelps was thinking of trying to match or even surpass Mark Spitz's legendary seven gold medals record. By his fourth race with one gold and two bronze it was obvious he couldn't tie it but instead he could match Russian gymnast's Alexander Dityatin's record of eight medals in one Olympics. Every race after the two bronze he came away with gold. After his seventh race he did a truly noble thing by handing over his butterfly leg on the 4 x 200m Freestyle relay to Ian Crocker a temporary rival and now a friend. To everyone this was deemed the most selfless act of the games but to Michael it was just giving his team mate another chance. Throughout the entire week of competition he barely managed to sleep so when he finally got to rest he went to check out how the dominant women's teams were doing and enjoying the culture and atmosphere in Athens. The success in Athens was amazing. He surpassed fellow American, Mark Spitz's record of 7 gold medals, that were set in the 1972 Olympic Games, at Munich, Germany, 36 years earlier. In Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad, after record tying seventh gold medal, Mark Spitz personally called Michael Phelps and congratulated him for his historic feats and records, he achieved in Beijing, China, were well watched as Mark Spitz's record were tied and broken, by Phelps, as he and teammates were 8 for 8, in 2008. All are first place gold medals!  See full bio on IMDb »

Michael Phelps -- Say Hello To My Little Friends

Michael Phelps
Say Hello To My Little Friends

Michael Phelps celebrated the end of the Olympics by taking his bros on a totally platonic, Speedo-packed trip to a deserted island -- and now we're toasting Mike's banana hammock posse ... with a… READ MORE >

Michael Phelps Vacation Photos

Michael Phelps
Competes in the 5xBanana Hammock Relay

Michael Phelps really meant it when he decided to go on a guys only vacation to the Maldives ... and TMZ has the bro-tastic pics to prove it. As TMZ first reported, Phelps opted to skip… READ MORE >

- 1445 days ago
Michael Phelps DITCHING GF Megan Rossee to Bro Out on Tropical Island

Michael Phelps
DITCHING Hot GF to Bro Out on Tropical Island

Michael Phelps told Bob Costas he wanted to travel the world after retiring from swimming ... and now TMZ has learned that Stop #1 is gonna be AWESOME ... a boys trip to one of the most expensive… READ MORE >

- 1449 days ago
Michael Phelps' Girlfriend Megan Rossee -- Private Jet-Setting, Vegas-Hopping Hobnobber

Michael Phelps' GF
Private Jet-Setting Vegas-Hopping Hobnobber

Michael Phelps' hot cocktail waitress GF has been around the block -- in fact, she's been around the WORLD ... on private jets ... long before she ever met Phelps ... all because of her pretty… READ MORE >

- 1450 days ago
Michael Phelps -- I Partied with My Other Medals Too!

Michael Phelps
I Partied with My OTHER Medals Too!

All that glitters is not gold ... sometimes it's silver too -- and Michael Phelps partied with BOTH last night in London, hitting up a nightclub with his 2 silver medals from the 2012 Games ... in… READ MORE >

- 1451 days ago
Michael Phelps -- Yeah, I Went Clubbing with My GOLD MEDALS!!

Michael Phelps
Yeah, I Went Clubbing with My GOLD MEDALS!!

Michael Phelps took three of his closest friends out clubbing in London this weekend -- gold medal, gold medal and gold medal. Just hours after swimming the last race of his career, Phelps -- the… READ MORE >

- 1451 days ago
The Non-Phelps Other Swimmers -- Who'd You Rather?

The Non-Phelps Other Swimmers
Who'd You Rather?

Michael Phelps received his 19th Olympic medal by winning gold in the 4 x 200m Freestyle with the help of his fellow ripped and shaved smooth teammates Conor Dwyer, Ryan Lochte and Ricky… READ MORE >

- 1452 days ago
Michael Phelps -- Gold Medal Loser in Real Estate

Michael Phelps
Gold Medal Loser ... In Real Estate

Michael Phelps is the biggest badass on the planet when he's in the water -- but in real estate ... he's a total loser. Good thing he's got 20 Olympic medals to ease his pain.Check out TMZ on TV… READ MORE >

- 1454 days ago
Michael Phelps -- WANTED for New Olympic Gig

Michael Phelps
WANTED For New Olympic Gig

Forget all that retirement talk, Michael Phelps will NOT be done with the Olympics after the London games ... that is if network honchos can lock him into a new job -- sports announcer. TMZ's… READ MORE >

- 1455 days ago
Michael Phelps DUMPS Baltimore Condo at $400,000 Loss

Michael Phelps
DUMPS Baltimore Condo At $400,000 Loss

Michael Phelps didn't just take a beating in the 200m butterfly recently ... he also got his ASS kicked by the real estate market -- letting go of his swank Baltimore condo for $400,000 less than… READ MORE >

- 1455 days ago

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