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Neal Schon

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Neal Schon was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma on February 27th, 1954 to Matthew and Barbara Schon. Neal dropped out of school when he was 15 to join Carlos Santana's rock group Santana. Four years later Carlos Santana and his band split up, so Neal and Gregg Rolie formed Journey. Journey released its self-titled debut album in 1975. Journey then released "Look Into the Future" (1976) and "Next" in (1977). Records weren't selling well and the band was told to get a lead singer so they brought in Steve Perry. With Steve they released the album "Infinity" in 1978. Infinity was followed up by "Evolution" (1979) and "Departure" (1980). Also released in 1980 was a compilation album of earlier works called "In the Beginning". Also in 1980 the band went to Japan to record a soundtrack for the movie, "Dream After Dream". In 1981 the live album "Captured" was released. Greg Rolie left after the release of the album "Departure" so keyboardist Jonathan Cain was brought in for the 1981 release of "Escape". "Escape" was Journey's biggest record and the single "Open Arms" went to #2 on the charts. Also in 1981 Neal teamed up with Jan Hammer for the album "Untold Passion". Again in 1982 Neal teamed up with Jan Hammer for an album called "Here To Stay". In 1983 "Frontiers" was released and Journey was named the most popular rock group in America. After "Frontiers" the band split for a while. Neal formed HSAS with Sammy Hagar and in 1984 they released an album called "Through the Fire". In 1986 Journey, without bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith, and released the album "Raised on Radio". In 1988 Neal helped form the group Bad English. Bad English released their self-titled debut album in 1989. Neal also released his album "Late Nite" in 1989. In 1991 Bad English released their second album, "Backlash". In 1992 Neal joined Hardline for the album "Double Eclipse". Neal released seven solo albums, "Late Night", "Beyond the Thunder", "Electric World", "Piranha Blues", "Voice","i on u", and "The Calling" (2012). A Journey reunion of band members Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, Ross Valory, and Steve Smith happened for the 1996 album "Trial By Fire". In 1997 Neal released his album "Electric World." In 1998 Steve Perry was replaced with Steve Augeri as Journey's new lead singer after the band waited almost two years for him to fix his hip. Steve Perry and Journey debuted together on the _Armageddon (1998)_ soundtrack with the song "Remember Me". 2001 saw the release of the Journey record "Arrival". Neal discovered Journey's current lead vocalist, Arnel Pineda, on YouTube, in 2007. Neal released his fifth solo album, "The Calling", in 2012 and will release "So You" in 2014. Neal has five children: Miles, Lizzy, Sarah, Aja and Sophia. He became engaged to Michaele Salahi on October 14, 2012, and they were married on December 15,2013 in San Francisco, California.  See full bio on IMDb »

Tareq Salahi: Michaele Salahi Is a Groupie Slut

Tareq Salahi:
Michaele Is a Groupie Slut!

Tareq Salahi just did an interview in which he called Michaele "a groupie slut." TMZ presents: Exhibit A -- Michaele at a Journey concert on Saturday in Tampa, FL ... which we now call Trampa, FL.  READ MORE >

Tareq Salahi: I Lost 2 Bitches In One Week

I Lost Two Bitches In a Week

For those of you who think the Salahi scandal is all fake... Well, we have living proof it's real. TMZ has obtained pictures of Tareq Salahi burying his beloved Doberman Pinscher, Rio.  We… READ MORE >

- 2441 days ago
Tareq to Michaele:  You Screw Me, I Screw You

Tareq to Michaele
You Screw Me, I Screw You

Banging a rock star can be a really expensive proposition ... so Michaele Salahi is about to find out.TMZ has obtained a copy of the prenup between Michaele and Tareq.  Under the terms, if… READ MORE >

- 2441 days ago
Foreigner Singer -- The Journey Scandal is GREAT for Business!

Foreigner Singer
The Journey Scandal is GREAT for Business!!!

The Michaele Salahi scandal is the BEST thing that could've happened for the Journey concert tour ... so says the lead singer of fellow '80s rock band Foreigner ... you know, the "Cold as Ice"… READ MORE >

- 2441 days ago
Tareq Salahi -- Journey Is Screwing with Me

Tareq Salahi
Journey Is Screwing with Me

Tareq Salahi is convinced ... his cheating wife and the Journey bandmate she is banging are intentionally trying to make his life miserable by making cruel crank calls ... this according to… READ MORE >

- 2442 days ago
Michaele Salahi -- I'm With the Band

Michaele Salahi
I'm With the Band

Michaele Salahi had the best seat in the house for last night's Journey concert in Tampa, FL -- she was right on the damn stage!Salahi was there to support her new man, guitarist Neal Schon.Livin'… READ MORE >

- 2442 days ago
Journey Guitarist's Wife ... PISSED!

Journey Guitarist's Wife

Journey guitarist Neal Schon married 1986 Playboy Playmate Ava Fabian just TWO MONTHS AGO -- and she tells TMZ, she's absolutely devastated by her husband's affair with Michaele Salahi.Ava -- who… READ MORE >

- 2442 days ago
Michaele Salahi -- First Post-Tareq Photo with Journey Guitarist

Michaele Salahi
First Post-Tareq Photo With Journey Guitarist

Michaele Salahi has gone from (alleged) White House crasher to music groupie -- as she was spotted tonight outside the Journey concert in Tampa, FL with her new man, guitarist Neal Schon. Since… READ MORE >

- 2443 days ago
Salahi Cheating Scandal -- Who Do You Hate Most?

Salahi Cheating Scandal
Who Do You Hate Most?

It's hard to chose sides when you can't stand either one ... but that's exactly what you have to do now in the Tareq/Michaele Salahi divorce scandal. So we ask ....  READ MORE >

- 2443 days ago
Tareq Salahi Files for Divorce From Michaele -- Complains He Got a Penis Pic from Journey Guitarist

Tareq Salahi
FILES FOR DIVORCE Neal Showed Me His Penis

Tareq Salahi has officially filed for divorce, and claims he has been humiliated in the extreme by Michaele and her lover, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, who stooped so low that he sent Tareq a… READ MORE >

- 2444 days ago
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