Journey We Ain't Going Separate Ways ... Says Jonathan Cain

8/8/2017 5:55 PM PDT

Journey's Jonathan Cain Says Band's Not Going Separate Ways


Journey fans can relax, keyboardist Jonathan Cain insists the band isn't calling it quits over their White House visit without founding member Neal Schon -- although Neal doesn't seem nearly as sure.

We got Cain and his wife, Paula, at LAX Tuesday and asked about Neal going off on Twitter about the visit. Everyone attended but drummer Steve Smith and Neal, who thinks the band shouldn't be exploited by anyone especially for politics or religion.

Cain, whose wife is a televangelist with strong ties to President Trump, says he hasn't talked to Neal since the rant, and the guitarist is still steaming almost a week later. He has made it clear the tension isn't about Trump, but certainly made it seem like it's about Jonathan mixing his wife's agenda with the band's.

So, fresh off their Hall of Fame induction ... is Journey rock solid?

Depends on who you choose to keep believin'.