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Nikki Sixx

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Frank Ferranna II was born to Frank and Deana Ferranno. When Nikki was in his thirties, he found out that he had a sister with down syndrome. She was older than him. The day before he was to meet her for the first time, she passed away. His father left him and his mother soon after he was born. He was often swapped between his mother and his grandparents and moved numerous times to numerous places. His mother was well known for her long list of boyfriends which even included Richard Pryor. He went to seven schools within 11 years. He moved out of his mother's home, living in the streets and sold drugs until he was kicked out. He went to live with his grandparents in Idaho and then to Los Angeles, California. He formed Mötley Crüe in 1981 with Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil, after being in several bands, but just after "London". Changed his name to Nikki Sixx legally before joining Crüe. In December of 1987, Nikki was pronounced clinically dead due to an overdose. After the incident, Mötley Crüe went into rehab. Nikki married Brandi Brandt in 1989. They had 3 children, Gunner Nicholas (b. 1991), Storm Brieanne (b. 1994) and Dekker Nilsson (b. 1995). They divorced in November 1996. One month after the divorce, Nikki married Donna D'Errico in December 1996 and they had Frankie-Jean Mary (b. 2001). Nikki and Donna briefly separated in 2001 and reconciled months later.  See full bio on IMDb »

Nikki Sixx -- It's 'Hard' to See Kat with Jesse James

Nikki Sixx
It's 'Hard' to See Kat with Jesse James

Before Kat Von D began dating Jesse James -- she was in a relationship with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx for more than two years ... and dude says it's been "hard" to see her move on… READ MORE >

Kat Von D & Benji -- Motley Screwin' Around?

Kat Von D & Benji
Motley Screwin' Around?

Benji Madden and Kat Von D looked pretty chummy when we caught 'em snuggling on a Hollywood park bench the other night. Sure, Benji's single -- but as far as we know, Kat's still with Nikki Sixx.  READ MORE >

- 3342 days ago
Nikki Sixx Blasts Bottle Rocket Babe

Nikki Sixx
Blasts Bottle Rocket Babe

Nikki Sixx graphically (and hypocritically) bitched out a female fan during a recent concert for doing the exact same thing he did just moments before -- throwing a water bottle.The Motley Crue… READ MORE >

- 3409 days ago
Nikki Sixx  & Kat Von D: Love Inks!

Nikki Sixx & Kat Von D:
Love Inks!

With matching Manic Panic shag 'dos, prerequisite his and hers rocker eyeliner, and oh so tired i'm-edgy-because-i-wear-black-nail-polish, 49-year-old Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr (aka Nikki… READ MORE >

- 3742 days ago
Donna to Nikki: Keep Your Money!

Donna to Nikki:
Keep Your Money!

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx were in court today to settle financial matters in their divorce, and one thing is clear: Donna just wants to be done with her ex. Despite the fact that the judge… READ MORE >

- 3855 days ago
Motley Crue Sues: Our Managers F'ed Us!

Motley Crue Sues
Our Managers F'ed Us!

Legendary hard rockers Motley Crue have filed a $20 million lawsuit against one of their managers, claiming "greed," "extortionist tactics" and terrible career advice caused the band to lose… READ MORE >

- 4018 days ago
Um...WHO Are You Wearing?

WHO Are You Wearing?

J.Lo has one. So do Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Hilary Duff and Eminem. No, we're not talking about Grammys. These days everybody and their mother has a fashion line. That's right… READ MORE >

- 4331 days ago
Nikki Sixx and Donna D'Errico Split

Nikki Sixx and Donna D'Errico

Former 'Baywatch' beauty Donna D'Errico has filed for divorce from Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx after 9 years of marriage. D'Errico is claiming irreconcilable differences and is seeking physical… READ MORE >

- 4431 days ago
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