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Jay-Z Says He Turned Down NFL's Super Bowl Offer

I Turned Down NFL's Super Bowl Offer

Jay-Z says the NFL approached him to perform at the Super Bowl -- but he shot them down saying, "You need me, I don't need you." It's all part of Jay and Beyonce's new song, "Apesh*t" (featuring… READ MORE >

Offset's Stolen Chain Case Closed

Stolen Chain Case Closed ... Met Gala Jewelry Returned

Offset's $150,000 diamond-studded chain is back where it belongs -- around his neck -- so police have officially closed the book on the once-missing bling ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement… READ MORE >

- 10 days ago
Offset Buys New Ride for Man Who Saved Him From Car Crash

Thanks for Saving Me ... Here's a New Car!!!

Offset just paid back the good Samaritan who he says saved his life following his accident with a new car, so the guy won't ever have to walk to and from work again. We broke the story ...… READ MORE >

- 22 days ago
Offset Confirms He Crashed After Swerving to Avoid Crackhead

Cardi Was Right ... I Crashed 'Cause of a Crackhead

Offset is back on his feet and looking healthy after getting into a nasty crash last week -- one he says he got into due to a "crackhead" he almost hit on the road. We got the Migos rapper… READ MORE >

- 29 days ago
Offset Avoids Charges in Atlanta Car Crash Case

No Charges In ATL Car Crash Case

Offset isn't going to have to answer for what led up to a nasty car crash he was in last week, or why he left the scene -- 'cause cops aren't pursuing it ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement… READ MORE >

- 29 days ago
Cops ID Cardi B Autograph Hound Attackers, Named Persons of Interest

Offset's Crew
Cops Know Who Assaulted Autograph Hound ... All Because of a Stolen Chain!!!

The 3 men who beat the crap out of an aggressive Cardi B autograph seeker have been ID'd by cops and TMZ's learned they're now persons of interest. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ...… READ MORE >

- 32 days ago
Offset Posts Several Gnarly Photos of His Car Crash Injuries

Gnarly Car Crash Injury Pics ... 'I Could Have Been Dead'

Offset's injuries from his car accident last week show just how serious it was ... he even admits he's lucky to be alive. The Migos rapper shared several grisly photos of his busted up face, hands… READ MORE >

- 33 days ago
Offset Reveals Injuries from Car Crash

My Hand's Messed Up After Crash ... Still Blunt-Ready, Though!!

Offset's no slacker -- less than 24 hours after wrecking his car, he was showing off his injuries and making it clear they wouldn't stop him from recording ... or puffing on a joint. The Migos… READ MORE >

- 34 days ago
Offset's Wrecked Ride Subject of Police Investigation

Offset Car Accident
Cops Wanna Know Why He Left Scene

Offset's wrecked sports car is now at center of an investigation, because cops are trying to figure out why he left the accident scene, and if anyone was with him when it happened ... TMZ has… READ MORE >

- 35 days ago
Offset Hospitalized After Car Crash

Hospitalized After Car Wreck

Offset totally destroyed his muscle car, and got a little banged up himself in the process ... TMZ has learned. The Migos rapper wrecked his green Dodge Challenger late Wednesday night in… READ MORE >

- 35 days ago
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