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Offset Says Cardi B is NOT Pregnant

My Chick's Not Pregnant!!!

One of Cardi B's reps has been telling people she's 3 to 4 months pregnant, but if she is, it's news to her fiance. We got Offset Friday afternoon heading into Peter Marco Jewelers on Rodeo… READ MORE >

Migos Rides With Trump-level Security For All-Star Weekend

Trump-Level Security For All-Star Weekend

Migos is clearly concerned that Offset is now engaged to a woman who has pissed off the Crips, because their security rivals a Presidential detail. Quavo, Takeoff and Cardi's fiance Offset… READ MORE >

- 68 days ago
Cardi B Shakes Off Death Threats, Hell-Bent On All-Star Weekend Gigs

Cardi B
Death Threats Be Damned She's Getting That All-Star Money!

Cardi B isn't letting death threats from the Crips block her from a 6-figure payday over NBA All-Star Weekend -- it's all part of street life, as far as she's concerned. Sources close to… READ MORE >

- 74 days ago
NYPD Ready to Arrest Quavo Over Club Brawl, Robbery

NYPD Ready to Arrest Him ... Rapper Says, I'm Innocent!!!

Quavo is about to get a new wrist accessory -- handcuffs -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ. Our sources tell TMZ ... NYPD detectives have gotten in contact with the Migos rapper's… READ MORE >

- 75 days ago
Quavo Fight with Jeweler Over Offset's Alleged $10k Debt

Grammy Night Fight Over Offset's $10k Tab ... Celeb Jeweler Claims

Quavo's alleged beatdown of a famous jeweler was all over $10,000 ... but it wasn't Quavo's debt to pay, TMZ has learned. Sources close to Eric the Jeweler -- who cranks out bling for 50 Cent,… READ MORE >

- 83 days ago
Quavo Pitches Atlanta for Amazon's HQ2

Quavo to Amazon
Skrt on Down to the ATL ... You'll Get a Migos Song!

Quavo's got a message for Jeff Bezos and the rest of Amazon's bigwigs deciding where to put their second headquarters -- come to Atlanta and get cultured! We got the Migos rapper Thursday at… READ MORE >

- 83 days ago
Tank Defends Use of Term 'Queer' Used by Offset from Migos

Nothing Wrong with Offset Using Term 'Queer'

Tank is solidly behind Migos rapper Offset for using the term "Queer" on a track, saying the word is not always a slur against gay people. We got Tank Sunday at LAX, and he bristled at the… READ MORE >

- 93 days ago
Offset & Cardi B Compare Her Engagement Ring to Paris Hilton's

Cardi's Ring Same as Paris Hilton's Pay No Attention to the Cost

Offset and Cardi B are giving props to Paris Hilton for her new giant engagement ring, but Offset's hinting he got a way better deal when he scooped up Cardi's rock. The hot couple… READ MORE >

- 112 days ago
Offset Says Woman Claiming He Impregnated Her is a Liar and an Extortionist

Woman Claiming He Impregnated Her She's a Liar and an Extortionist!!!

Offset is threatening a woman who's been claiming all over social media he got her pregnant ... claiming she's trying to extort him for a fortune ... TMZ has learned. Cardi B's fiance hired… READ MORE >

- 116 days ago
Cardi B and Offset Call BS on Woman's Claims Offset got Her Pregnant

Cardi B & Offset
Call BS on Woman's Pregnancy Claims

Cardi B and Offset say the woman claiming Offset knocked her up is full of it ... cuz he doesn't even know her. Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Offset's never personally… READ MORE >

- 118 days ago
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