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Paris Jackson

Born – April 3, 1998
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Michael Jackson's daughter, celebu-spawn.

Was forced by Michael Jackson to wear masks in public so she could have a normal life and be just like all the other children who are forced to wear masks by their reclusive pop star fathers who have pet monkeys and amusement parks in their backyards.

Was born into the Jackson Dynasty and will likely follow in the footsteps of other incredibly successful Jackson women like Janet and uh ... actually just Janet.

Fun Fact: She will never have to work a day in her life. Wait, that's not fun, that's depressing as hell. Sorry about that.

Debbie Rowe -- Michael Jackson's Brothers are Greedy Slackers

Debbie Rowe
Michael's Brothers are Greedy Slackers

Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson's money ... saying it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.Sources… READ MORE >

Debbie Rowe Wants Michael Jackson's Kids Back -- Going To Court for Custody

Debbie Rowe
I'm Going to Court To Get Michael Jackson's Kids

Debbie Rowe will wage legal war to get guardianship of the 2 kids she had with Michael Jackson ... and if she could she'd gladly take all 3.Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rowe is… READ MORE >

- 9 days ago
Michael Jackson's Alleged Son --You Can't Get MJ's Money

MJ's Alleged Son
You Can't Get MJ's Money

Michael Jackson's newly-proclaimed alleged son will be fending for himself for the rest of his life, because there's NO WAY he can touch the money in MJ's estate.Brandon Howard says he has no… READ MORE >

- 41 days ago
Katherine Jackson -- Where's The Money You Solicited from Michael Jackson Fans?

Katherine Jackson
Where's The Money You Solicited From MJ Fans?

Katherine Jackson has pulled the plug on her campaign to solicit money from Michael Jackson fans to pay for an MJ documentary ...TMZ has learned.  The question -- Where did the money go?TMZ… READ MORE >

- 108 days ago
Paris Jackson -- Vacations With Mom ... in Treatment For Years

Paris Jackson
Vacations With Mom ... in Treatment For Years

Paris Jackson looked healthy and happy vacationing with her mom in Hawaii  ... but MJ's daughter still has a long road ahead of her -- we're told the treatment will last years.Debbie Rowe and… READ MORE >

- 110 days ago
Guardian of Michael Jackson's Kids -- Back Off Stupid Cousin!

Michael Jackson
Guardian of Kids ... Back Off Stupid Cousin!

TJ Jackson -- the guardian of Michael Jackson's 3 kids -- is not in the XMAS spirit when it comes to a cousin who is trying to yank guardianship away from him ... we've learned TJ has gone to… READ MORE >

- 115 days ago
Paris Jackson -- Doing Better But Not Out of Woods ... By a Long Shot

Paris Jackson
Doing Better BUT Not Out of Woods By Long Shot

Paris Jackson is doing better as she remains ensconced in a Utah boarding school ... but we're told she's riddled with so many problems she could be there "for years."We've learned Paris had a… READ MORE >

- 144 days ago
Paris Jackson -- I Want My Brother Back

Paris Jackson
I Want My Brother Back

Paris Jackson was at war with her brother Prince days before she tried to commit suicide, and we've learned she's now extremely regretful and wants to mend fences.Jackson family sources tell TMZ… READ MORE >

- 241 days ago
Debbie Rowe Plans to SUE Over Paris Jackson Pics

Paris Jackson Pics
Debbie Rowe Will SUE Pic Sellers

Debbie Rowe is furious that someone sold pictures of her daughter, Paris Jackson, at a boarding school where she's been for more than a month ... and she plans to sue the people who sold her… READ MORE >

- 241 days ago
Randy Jackson Bitches About Paris -- Debbie Rowe PISSED

Randy Jackson
Bitches About Paris Debbie Rowe Pissed

Randy Jackson is pissed that his niece, Paris Jackson, is confined in what he believes is a psychiatric hospital and thinks something really stinks ... but Paris' mom thinks he's delusional.Randy… READ MORE >

- 243 days ago

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