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Psycho Mike

Michael Dwight Catherwood, known by his radio name Psycho Mike, is an American radio personality. He is known primarily for his work at KROQ-FM on Kevin and Bean and most recently as the co-host of Loveline. Catherwood is currently assistant producer for the Kevin and Bean show, and frequently stars in man-on-the-street segments as well as parodies of most commercial songs which generally involve crude themes. Catherwood is also an amateur body builder and a certified personal trainer and has appeared in several segments educating listeners about exercise and nutrition. He is known for performing many vocal impersonations, including Gene Simmons, K-Fed, Spencer Pratt, Manny Ramirez, Lamar Odom, Antonio Villaraigosa, Tom DeLonge, Adam Carolla, and Anthony Kiedis, as well as a character of his own invention named "Rudy," a stereotypical heavy-accented cholo ex-con with a penchant for marijuana and manscaping.

'Loveline' Host Psycho Mike -- I'm Getting Death Threats ... From U.S. Soccer Fans

'Loveline' Host Psycho Mike
I'm Getting Death Threats ... From U.S. Soccer Fans

Who knew American soccer fans had such bad tempers? "Loveline" host Psycho Mike has been receiving nasty death threats from U.S. footie fans ... fans who are outraged he's marrying the… READ MORE >

'Psycho' Mike -- Topless Dancer

'Psycho' Mike -- Topless Dancer

"Psycho Mike" Catherwood from "Dancing with the Stars" went for a walk in Venice Beach yesterday without a shirt -- and in case you were unaware ... the dude is frickin' JACKED. He also talked… READ MORE >

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