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Ricky Martin

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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ricky initiated his singing career in the Latin all boy-band group Menudo. After leaving the group, he moved to New York to study acting. After finishing his studies, he relocated to Mexico where he performed as actor in "Mama ama el Rock", "Alcanzar una Estrella II". In 1991, he began to focus his career as a soloist singer, eventually becoming an international superstar with the release of his self-titled English language album in 1996.  See full bio on IMDb »

Ricky Martin's Surrogate -- Open for Business

Ricky Martin's Surrogate
Open for Business

Turns out the lady who incubated Ricky Martin's babies is a serial surrogate -- but that doesn't mean she'll squirt 'em out for just anybody. Sources tell TMZ the 26-year-old mother works for an… READ MORE >'s Black Eyed Pea Culpa's
Black Eyed Pea Culpa only had two words for Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin last night -- "I'm sorry." That sure beats the two he had for them last time -- "That's gay" -- when asked about the two boys going the… READ MORE >

- 2985 days ago
Ricky Martin Bambinos -- A Giant "Who Cares"

Ricky Martin Bambinos --
A Giant "Who Cares"

You would think Ricky Martin's twins could fetch a pile of cash from the mags, since they're blowing all their money these days on babies who all look the same.Seems like it's not the case with… READ MORE >

- 2987 days ago
Ricky Martin -- Livin' In Vitro Loca

Ricky Martin
Livin' In Vitro Loca

Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken have something in common...Ricky is now a the proud padre of twins, courtesy of one surrogate mother. His rep says the kids are healthy, Ricky will be a full-time dad… READ MORE >

- 2991 days ago
Ricky Not as Thicky

Ricky Not as Thicky

Thanks to his new capoeira regimen, Ricky Martin can look hot and kick your ass.After a short stint livin' la vida gorda, Ricky was back at his bon-bon shaking weight today in D.C. Now where's… READ MORE >

- 3104 days ago
Ricky Martin: Livin' La Vida Gorda

Ricky Martin: Livin' La Vida Gorda

Despite not having a U.S. hit for a few years, Ricky Martin is still a big star -- literally!The bundled up hunk made his way through the West Village on Wednesday, looking like he's spending less… READ MORE >

- 3200 days ago
Ricky Martin Comes Out of a Building

Ricky Martin
Comes Out of a Building

After being given the key to the city on Wednesday, Ricky Martin was snapped coming out of a Miami Beach building. He bangs!Since leaving Menudo, the 35-year-old Puerto Rican hunk has been livin'… READ MORE >

- 3305 days ago
Ricky Martin -- Pitcher?

Ricky Martin -- Pitcher?

With a shocked look on his face, gorgeous Ricky Martin got dry-humped by one of his female dancers in Puerto Rico this weekend. He bangs, he bangs!In some super-tight pants, a blinged-out necklace… READ MORE >

- 3364 days ago
Ricky Grabs... a Call

Ricky Grabs... a Call

Ricky Martin chatted with a pal while strutting in his terri robe on a hotel balcony in sunny Punta del Este, Uruguay. While talking, Ricky appears to be absent-mindedly attending to Little Ricky.… READ MORE >

- 3524 days ago
Ricky Martin Selling His Big-A$$ Casa

Ricky Martin Selling His Big-A$$ Casa

Metrosexual pop singer Ricky Martin is selling his Florida waterfront mansion for a crisp $16.9 million. That's a lot of bon-bon shaking. The ginormous Mediterranean style crib features 7 bedrooms… READ MORE >

- 3532 days ago

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