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Roy Moore

Doug Jones to Charles Barkley: Thank You!!!

Doug Jones
To Charles Barkley: Thank You!!!

Charles Barkley is getting some love from the man he helped get elected, Alabama senator Doug Jones.  DJ was out in D.C. on Thursday when he shouted out Barkley with a great big, "Thank… READ MORE >

Chael Sonnen: Roy Moore Shouldn't Have to Concede Right Away ... Hillary Didn't!!

Chael Sonnen
Why Should Roy Moore Immediately Concede? ... Hillary Didn't!!

Chael Sonnen is defending Roy Moore's refusal to throw the white flag in the Alabama Senate race ... saying there's no reason to concede if he still thinks there's a chance he can win. TMZ Sports… READ MORE >

- 193 days ago
Omarosa Butted Heads with Trump Over Charlottesville, Roy Moore

Battled Trump & Gen. Kelly Prior to White House 'Firing'

The White House is officially saying Omarosa quietly resigned, but multiple sources tell TMZ there was plenty of drama between her, Donald Trump and his Chief of Staff… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Holly Robinson Peete Hails Roy Moore Defeat as 'W' for Decency

Holly Robinson Peete
No Moore Means Dignity's Restored Thanks, Charles Barkley!!!

Holly Robinson Peete declared a win for decency after accused pedophile Roy Moore was defeated in Alabama's special election -- and she's giving an NBA great an assist for the victory. We… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Tim Allen Thought Both Alabama Senate Candidates Sucked!

Tim Allen
Glad I Don't Live In 'Bama Both Candidates Sucked!

Tim Allen is a bigger fan of the dessert menu at Craig's than the two guys Alabama had to pick from for U.S. Senator. We got Tim and his wife, Jane, along with Mary Hart and husband/producer Burt… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Charles Barkley Praises Alabama for Roy Moore Defeat, We're Not Just Rednecks!

Charles Barkley
Praises Alabama for Roy Moore Defeat We're Not Just Rednecks!

Charles Barkley is now a prime political commentator on CNN -- and after the election Tuesday night, he WENT OFF about how Alabama isn't just "rednecks" and "ignorant people." Sir Chuck -- who's… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Roy Moore Loses Alabama Senate Election Against Doug Jones

Roy Moore
Loses Alabama Senate Election Against Doug Jones

The contentious and highly publicized race for Alabama's vacant Senate seat is finally over ... and the victor is Doug Jones. Roy Moore lost the special election for the seat left open by… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Roy Moore Spokesman Ted Crockett Stunned to Silence by Bible, Law Lesson

Roy Moore
Spokesman Left Silent on Live TV By Bible, Law Lesson

Roy Moore's spokesman was a deer in the headlights when he got into a brief, but epic, debate with CNN's Jake Tapper about Muslims swearing on Bibles. Ted Crockett was a guest on Tapper's show… READ MORE >

- 194 days ago
Roy Moore Shows Up Riding a Horse to Vote in U.S. Senate Race

Roy Moore
Giddyup ... I'm Here to Vote!!!

Roy Moore went full cowboy mode ... mounting a horse to cast his ballot in Alabama's contentious special election. The Republican U.S. Senate candidate arrived on horseback Tuesday in… READ MORE >

- 195 days ago
Roy Moore's Wife Responds to Anti-Semitic Claims

Roy Moore's Wife
We're Not Anti-Semites ... Some of Our Best Lawyers Are Jews

Roy Moore and his wife rolled out that old tried-and-true response to allegations they're anti-Semitic -- pointing out they employ Jews.  Kayla Moore was speaking at an event for her husband… READ MORE >

- 195 days ago
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