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Tonya Harding

Tonya Maxine Harding (born November 12, 1970) is an American figure skating champion, a two-time Olympian, and a two-time Skate America Champion. In 1991 she won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and placed second in the World Championships. She was the second woman, and the first American woman, to complete a triple axel jump in competition. She became notorious after her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, conspired with Shawn Eckhardt and Shane Stant to physically assault her skating competitor Nancy Kerrigan at a practice session during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Harding was born in Portland, Oregon, the daughter of LaVona and Al Harding. She had a half-brother, Chris Davison (deceased). Her father had health problems that sometimes made him unable to work. She claims that her mother sexually abused her, a claim her mother denies. She began skating at an early age. She landed her first triple lutz at age 12. Her mother made many of her skating costumes. She stopped attending high school during her sophomore year and later earned a GED as she started receiving invitations to international skating competitions while she was still in junior high school. She married

Nancy Kerrigan on Tonya Harding Movie -- 'Nobody Consulted Me' (VIDEO)

Nancy Kerrigan
On Tonya Harding Movie: 'Nobody Consulted Me'

Nancy Kerrigan says she's been kept WAY out of the loop by the producers of the new Tonya Harding movie ... telling TMZ Sports, "Nobody consulted me." READ MORE >

Margot Robbie's Tonya Harding Transformation Continues (PHOTOS)

Margot Robbie
Driving Tonya Harding Home

If there was any lingering doubt about Margot Robbie, it's gone now ... she IS Tonya Harding. Paps got Margot on the set of the the biopic "I, Tonya," where she continued to channel the… READ MORE >

- 64 days ago
Margot Robbie Looks Exactly Like Tonya Harding (PHOTO GALLERY)

Margot Robbie
A Little Frizz, Weight ... Meet Hollywood's Tonya Harding

We didn't think she could pull it off ... but Margot Robbie is shaping up to look A LOT like Tonya Harding. Paps got Margot on the set of the new film, "I, Tonya," and unlike the video we got last… READ MORE >

- 99 days ago
Margot Robbie Cutting the Ice Like Tonya Harding (VIDEO)

Margot Robbie
Ice Queen Practicing for Tonya Harding Flick

Margot Robbie’s mastered the spin for her upcoming role as Tonya Harding, but she's got a long way to go before she can stick a triple Salchow. Robbie hit the ice Tuesday at Pickwick Ice in… READ MORE >

- 111 days ago
The Most Random Celebs Ever Sing 'Let It Be'

The Most Random Celebs Ever Sing 'Let It Be'

If you ever wanted to see the most haphazard assortment of D-list celebs ever assembled ... like David Faustino, Right Said Fred, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tonya Harding ... oh, and Glenn Close sing along… READ MORE >

- 2335 days ago
Tonya Harding Dances -- Whyyyyyyyyyy?!

Tonya Harding
Dances -- Whyyyyyyyyyy?!

Tonya Harding made a return to what she does best -- clubbing.With a 'do and ensemble straight outta 1994, the disgraced figure skater/Nancy Kerrigan nemesis/sex tape star/celebrity boxer was the… READ MORE >

- 2805 days ago
Tonya Harding Karaokes: Whhhyyyyyyy??!?

Tonya Harding Karaokes: Whhhyyyyyyy??!?

Tonya Harding's singing is bad enough to shatter kneecaps. Paging Jeff Gillooly! Harding was a not-so-special guest at Jared Allen's -- a sports bar in Kansas City, MO -- and assaulted Shania's… READ MORE >

- 3297 days ago
"Dancing" Pro Ices Yamaguchi

"Dancing" Pro Ices Yamaguchi

Figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi better watch out -- there's a few sour Tonya Harding-types in the "Dancing with the Stars" mix. Penn Jillette already ripped her a new one, saying her triple… READ MORE >

- 3311 days ago
Tonya Harding Ices Pap

Tonya Harding Ices Pap

The beautiful Tonya Harding was caught stuffing her face at the Burbank airport yesterday -- staring down a photog like he was Nancy Kerrigan. Harding even flipped the guy off. At least, this… READ MORE >

- 3343 days ago