'I, Tonya' Star Ices Kid Harding Role ... Gets Cool Paycheck & Perks

11/7/2017 3:51 PM PST

'I, Tonya' Actress Took Home Gold to Play Kid Tonya Harding


Long before Tonya Harding got Nancy Kerrigan's knee capped -- she was an innocent little girl, and the kid actress who played her in "I, Tonya" made bank for the role.

Mckenna Grace plays young Tonya in the upcoming flick starring Margot Robbie -- which looks awesome, btw -- and was guaranteed at least $10k for her role. Mckenna's contract was filed in court due to her being 11 years old and all. 

Don't the let the age fool ya ... Mckenna's no Hollywood rookie, having landed big roles in "Gifted" and "Amityville: The Awakening" -- plus TV roles on "Fuller House" and "Designated Survivor."

The best clause in her contract though -- Mckenna got to fly business class round-trip, and stay in a hotel suite for any filming out of L.A.

If real-life Tonya had it this good, maybe she wouldn't have ... y'know.