Tonya Harding Screw This, Piers! Threatens to Walk After 'Real Victim' Jab

1/9/2018 7:24 AM PST

Tonya Harding Gets Pissed at Piers Morgan Over 'Real Victim,' Her or Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding kneecapped Piers Morgan, or at least her interview with him ... abruptly cutting it short when he called her out for acting like she was the victim, and not Nancy Kerrigan.

Tonya was on "Good Morning Britain," and clearly expecting a softball convo about "I, Tonya." But after she gushed, "My movie is going to help so many people" .... Piers had enough, and the trainwreck began.

He very directly stated Nancy was the only one who had a dream, along with her kneecap, shattered -- and it totally caught Tonya off guard.

No one's ever accused her of being polished, but you can tell Tonya bit her tongue HARD here.