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Vince McMahon

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In the world of sports and sports entertainment, few promoters have been as successful as Vincent K. McMahon. Born August 24, 1945, to second- generation wrestling promoter Vincent J. McMahon, the young Vince eventually transformed his father's regional wrestling promotion, the northeastern U.S.'s World-Wide Wrestling Federation (later World Wrestling Federation, or WWF), into a worldwide success. Vince, who attended Fishborne Military School as a youth, was a star wrestler in high school. He eventually graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in marketing. By the early 1970s, the younger Vince convinced his father to hire him as promoter for his company, Capitol Wrestling Corp. (which promoted wrestling events as the WWF) He promoted his first WWF wrestling card in 1971 (in Bangor, Maine); the event was a rousing success, and started Vince Jr.'s rise to professional wrestling glory. In 1972, the then 27-year-old McMahon began providing play-by-play commentary for the WWF's weekly syndicated program; at the same time, he helped increase market clearances for the WWF's syndicated programs from nine northeastern U.S. stations (in 1972) to more than triple that by 1980. In 1982, the younger Vince purchased the Capitol Wrestling Corp. from his ailing father (he died in 1984), and began planning a vision to become the world's largest and most successful wrestling enterprise by giving the WWF a much broader audience. McMahon accomplished that through combining the traditional sport of wrestling with elements from the entertainment world (hence the term, sports entertainment); and giving the promotion a national audience (by promoting WWF events and selling airtime to local stations nationwide; airing weekly programs and pay-per-view events on cable and satellite TV). He also initiated one of the first successful major wrestling events, 1985's WrestleMania. However, McMahon's ride to success hasn't always been smooth -- in the early 1990s, allegations of steroid use among top superstars and other misconduct within the WWF nearly ruined Vince and his company. Also, ventures into the realms of bodybuilding (the World Bodybuilding Federation) and professional football (the XFL) failed miserably. For years, McMahon was engaged in a bitter ratings and promotions war with Ted Turner's wrestling ventures (the last being World Championship Wrestling (WCW); it was a battle Turner commanded at one point. McMahon eventually won the battle and today enjoys one of the world's most successful entertainment dynasties. His family -- wife, Linda; son, Shane, and daughter-in-law Marissa; and daugher Stephanie -- all play key roles in the family venture. McMahon is recognized today by many -- supporters and foes alike -- as a fearless and visionary promoter who turned the regional wrestling promotion WWF into a global sensation.  See full bio on IMDb »

WWE Owner Vince McMahon's a Raging Hypocrite … He Hurled the N-Word, Too

Hulk Hogan
WWE Owner Vince McMahon Is Raging Hypocrite He Hurled the N-Word, Too

Vince McMahon proudly hurled the n-word on national TV, which makes his decision to fire Hulk Hogan for the same offense outrageous ... so claims Hulk. Vince was doing backstage color after… READ MORE >

John Cena -- Vince McMahon's a BEAST In The Weight Room

John Cena
Vince McMahon's a BEAST In The Weight Room

John Cena doesn't think there's an age limit on weight room domination ... telling TMZ Sports 69-year-old Vince McMahon is an absolute TERROR on the racks. The WWE superstar was out in NYC… READ MORE >

- 1021 days ago
Vince McMahon -- CAUGHT SHARTING ON SMACKDOWN ... Says Jim Ross

Vince McMahon

WWE honcho Vince McMahon accidentally dropped a powerbomb of his own during a taping of "Monday Night Raw" ... sharting himself in KHAKI PANTS right before a live segment ... so says Jim… READ MORE >

- 1383 days ago
Vince McMahon -- Stealth Helicopter Drop in Afghanistan

Vince McMahon
Stealth Helicopter Drop ... In AFGHANISTAN!

WWE honcho Vince McMahon strapped on some body armor ... grabbed some of his WWE Superstars ... and dropped in on the troops in Afghanistan last week ... and TMZ has the pics. Vince -- along with… READ MORE >

- 2199 days ago
WWE -- Randy Savage Will Be 'Greatly Missed'

WWE -- Randy Savage Will Be 'Greatly Missed'

Vince McMahon has released a statement on the death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage ... calling him one of the "greatest Superstars of his time."The WWE statement reads, "WWE is saddened to learn of… READ MORE >

- 2401 days ago
Vince McMahon -- Victory in WWE T-Shirt War

Vince McMahon -- Victory in WWE T-Shirt War

Vince McMahon just piledrived the state of Connecticut ... and won -- a judge has ruled that state officials have no right to turn away voters who sport WWE clothing to the polls on… READ MORE >

- 2605 days ago
TMZ Live: Sheen, Quaid and Vince McMahon

TMZ Live: Sheen, Quaid and Vince McMahon

We took your questions on everything -- including Charlie Sheen's hotel room photos, Randy and Evi Quaid's dog getting saved, and WWE's Vince McMahon suing the Connecticut Secretary of State over… READ MORE >

- 2606 days ago
Vince McMahon Sues Connecticut Over WWE Ban

Vince McMahon Sues Connecticut Over WWE Ban

Vince McMahon is raising hell in Connecticut -- the WWE honcho just filed a lawsuit claiming the CT Secretary of the State had no right to ban WWE clothing from the polls ... just because his wife… READ MORE >

- 2607 days ago
The Rock: WWE Still Owns a Piece of Me

The Rock:
WWE Still Owns a Piece of Me

Vince McMahon can still smell what The Rock is cooking -- because he's part owner of the former wrestler's famous catchphrase.Wrestler-turned-kids' movie star Dwayne Johnson was in Calabasas… READ MORE >

- 2865 days ago
Triple H -- Victim of Birthday Cake Attack

Triple H
Victim of Birthday Cake Attack

WWE superstar Triple H turned 40 last night -- and his post-Monday Night RAW birthday celebration quickly erupted into a no-holds-barred cake smashing massacre!!!Almost everyone at WWE, including… READ MORE >

- 3062 days ago
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