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Vince Shlomi

Offer "Vince" Shlomi (born April 25, 1964), also known as Vince Offer, the "ShamWow!" Guy, or Headset Vince, is an infomercial pitchman, writer, director, and comedian. Offer's first major work was the 1999 comedy film The Underground Comedy Movie. In the late 2000s, Offer began appearing on television commercials for the products "ShamWow!", a super-absorbent towel, the "Slap Chop", a kitchen utensil, and a lint roller called the "Schticky". In 1999, Vince Offer directed and appeared in The Underground Comedy Movie, which was met with extremely negative reviews. DVDs of the film were marketed via television infomercial. The film also led to several lawsuits. Although the film was released and screened in 1999, Offer was bankrupt by 2002 and home video distribution plans were shelved. Offer, who had previously been a successful vegetable chopper salesman and businessman, resumed selling vegetable choppers at swap meets to support himself and raise money to complete his film project. Within a few months, he had earned enough to resume production, and the movie was finally completed, released, and marketed entirely on late-night infomercials that Offer paid for with his earnings from

ShamWow Ex-Scientologist -- Leah Remini's Life Is in Danger

ShamWow Ex-Scientologist
Leah Remini's Life Is in Danger

You don't attack the Church of Scientology and get away with it ... not by a long shot -- so says one famous ex-Scientologist Vince Offer (the ShamWow Guy), who tells TMZ, Leah Remini is lucky… READ MORE >

Lindsay Teams Up with ShamWow Guy ... for Movie

Lindsay Teams Up with ShamWow Guy ... for Movie

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan shot a secret movie -- just weeks before she went to jail -- and the man behind the project is none other than Vince Shlomi ... the ShamWow guy. Sources close to the… READ MORE >

- 2325 days ago
ShamWow Guy Saying Ow -- Again

ShamWow Guy Saying Ow -- Again

Vince Shlomi, aka the ShamWow guy, has been injured yet again ... but this time in a non-prostitute fight kind of way. Miami Beach police tell us the television pitch-man was involved in a head-on… READ MORE >

- 2730 days ago
ShamWow Pitchman Beats Hooker to the Punch

ShamWow Pitchman
Beats Hooker to the Punch

The pitchman for the super absorbent ShamWow has been arrested for not having good clean fun ... unless you consider hiring a hooker who almost bites your tongue off fun.Vince Shlomi was arrested… READ MORE >

- 2815 days ago

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