It's 'Code Baby Alert' for TomKat

3/26/2006 4:38 PM PST

It's 'Code Baby Alert' for TomKat

Celebrity magazine editors and the paparazzi are on call 24/7 this weekend, speculating on buzz that Katie Holmes will give birth in complete silence by following Scientology's strict birthing plan.

Since taking-up with the world's number one movie star, Katie, 27, has been a regular at the Celebrity Scientology Center in Los Angeles where she has been learning about the mysterious religion which Cruise, 43, claims guides his every life decision.

Scientologists believe that a woman must deliver her child without any anesthesia or noise during both her labor and birth. Furthermore, they believe that a newborn must not be separated from its mother immediately after birth, under the theory that separation could cause the baby enormous grief. he Child Dianetics book by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard states: "A doctor who practices natural childbirth will lay the child on the mother's abdomen even before the chord is cut and tied, the mother will give the caressing and nursing."

Should Katie Holmes experience any difficulties during her birth, Caesarean procedures are discouraged. Caesarean-born children are likely to have less high IQ's than those born naturally, the book continues.

The Child Dianetics book explains: "Anyone likely to be in contact with a pregnant woman should also be instructed to remain absolutely silent if she happens to suffer some accident or injury.

"Silence is the first rule, and nothing at all should be said if it can be avoided, she can be helped or ministered to without comment. A woman who wants to have the best possible chance will find a doctor who will agree to keep quiet while examining her and especially during delivery."

With all these birthing restrictions, Katie has probably turned to fellow celebrity Scientology moms like Kelly Preston and Leah Remini for support and encouragement.

John Travolta's wife went public on having both her children, Jett and Ella Blue, the Scientology way -- without any drugs and in a peaceful environment.

Travolta revealed: "Kelly's great at giving birth. They wrote that she didn't scream, but it hurt her. But she didn't take any pain killers or an epidural like most people do and I really admire her for that."

"It's just because everything in moments of pain are really recorded and you want to have the birth really peaceful and clear of suggestions or different words that can affect the babies in the future," revealed Kelly.