New Report: Whitney Allegedly Addicted to Crack

3/29/2006 2:56 PM PST

New Report: Whitney Allegedly Addicted to Crack

Bobby Brown's sister says she smoked crack cocaine with the legendary Whitney Houston, according to a new interview.

Tina Brown told 'The National Enquirer' that she and Whitney were "drug buddies" for several months, alleging: "I did crack with Whitney. The truth needs to come out. She won't stay off the drugs. It's every single day. It's so ugly. Everyone is so scared she's going to O.D."

Tina, who says she stopped using drugs on August 24, claims Whitney's descent into addiction is so bad, she often believes she is being attacked by demons when she is in fact punching and biting herself. Tina claims the family was so concerned for Whitney's well-being, at one point they staged an intervention. Tina says Whitney went to rehab but continued to use drugs while in the program, even laughing at counselors who attempted to help her.

Tina also claims the drugs have taken a toll on Whitney's physical appearance, especially her teeth. According to Tina, Whitney now wears false teeth. "She loses [her teeth] in the house and when she's out on drug binges," Tina says, "They cost $6,000 and the dentist has to keep FedEx'ing her a new set." Tina says Whitney once drove to the school her niece attends without her dentures. "She forgot her teeth and scared the kids," Tina said. "My kid cried about it. Doing that stuff makes you think you're always beautiful, but you wouldn't recognize Whitney without her false teeth."

TMZ has placed calls to Whitney's reps -- so far, no response.