Brad Pitt's Non-Stop Construction

4/10/2006 5:12 PM PDT

Brad Pitt's Non-Stop Construction

Brad Pitt has three construction crews working around the clock to finish renovations on his Hollywood Hills home before the birth of his child.

Brad has owned the house for more than nine years. Jennifer Aniston disliked it so much that the couple never moved in during their marriage. But Brad has always loved the craftsman home and grounds. So once he separated from Aniston, he took on the renovation project with a vengeance

Brad, who frequently visits the property and oversees construction, has three crews working 24/7. We're told the graveyard crew makes no noise; they paint and do other work that will not disturb the neighbors.

And speaking of neighbors, several tell TMZ that Brad is extremely considerate. The actor paid a visit recently to one neighbor's home, apologizing for the noise and promising to throw a cocktail party for neighbors once he, Angelina and his brood moved in.

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