Own a Pussycat Doll of Your Very Own

4/21/2006 12:02 PM PDT

Own a Pussycat Doll of Your Very Own

Sexy girl group The Pussycat Dolls has struck a deal with Hasbro to create a line of dolls modeled after the music act's six members.

Despite the sextet's risque' image, the plastic dolls are being marketed to children aged 6 to 9 and priced around $15. It's a sharp turn from products the toy maker has manufactured in the past, including Candyland and Mr. Potato Head.

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Hasbro's new venture has drawn sharp criticism from some groups. Concerned Women for America told TMZ, "This is very sad and terribly irresponsible. They are stealing the innocence of our children."

The toy line will be available for this year's holiday season. To all you aspiring tween burlesque dancers -- unfortunately, garter belts and fishnets not included.