Diamonds for Dogs

5/8/2006 11:43 AM PDT

Diamonds for Dogs

Celebs are mad about their dogs. They drop big bucks to have them dazzling in diamonds just like them.

"Fancy Bones" is doggie-wear for the rich and famous. The line ranges features fancy ID tags, diamond and gem encrusted collars for dogs and matching jewelry for their owners. Carmen Electra bought a $5,000 diamond dog bone pendant, which matches her cute pup's $625 14kt yellow-gold ID tag.

Dog lovers Sharon Osborne and Rod Stewart also picked up the diamond dog bone pendant to be styling with their pooches. Other accessories include Fancy pure breed dog belt buckles and charm bracelets.
Diamonds, fancy colored sapphires and rubies are available!

Ever wonder who got the dog after celebs split?

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