Surreal Grudge Match: Axl vs. Hilfiger

5/19/2006 5:21 PM PDT

Surreal Grudge Match: Axl vs. Hilfiger

The venue: Rosario Dawson's birthday party at Plum. The contenders: Axl Rose, front man of the newly arisen 'Guns & Roses' and Tommy Hilfiger, living fashion brand.

Axl told his side of the story to KROQ's Kevin & Bean morning show early Friday morning, and according to him the scrap started when Axl politely asked Tommy to move his date's drink so it wouldn't get spilled. That's when Tommy allegedly went off, "smacking" the singer in the arm and cursing at him. Axl reports that he kept a cool head, and after Hilfiger's own security dragged him out, Axl and his band played a great acoustic set.

Or maybe not.

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Rosario Dawson's mother, Isabelle talked to TMZ before the party was even over, and she says that Tommy politely told Axl to watch out for the drink. Axl then flipped out, screaming and swearing at Tommy, who he said was sitting at Axl's table. Tommy stood up and started punching, getting in a few good shots before his own security escorted him out.

When asked about the incident, a rep for Tommy Hilfiger had no comment.