'Addicted' To Kelly Clarkson

6/2/2006 7:19 PM PDT

'Addicted' to Kelly Clarkson

She's got a CD that's about to turn six-times platinum, a summer-long tour and a new marketing deal, but there's one thing Kelly Clarkson doesn't have -- a love life.

When asked about if she's been dating anyone Clarkson says, "No. I give up! (Laughs.) Is that bad? 'I give up?' No, I give up. Yeah, it's just too hard. Like, literally, it sounds so cliché to say, 'I'm too busy.' But I really am...I'm 24. I'm young. So, I've got plenty of time."

The first 'American Idol' winner is definitely keeping her schedule booked with plenty of other things. Her 'Addicted Tour' starts June 30 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Clarkson just returned to the states after a sold-out UK tour and she says her upcoming US gigs are bigger than anything she's done before.

"I've never done this big of a tour," she says, "I'm still keeping it very musical. There's a lot of musical aspects. And that's basically it. It's going to be completely different from anything I've done, so I'm really excited."

And if that doesn't keep her busy enough, Clarkson also finds time to get in the studio and record her next CD. Although her 'Breakaway' album has had four #1 singles on it, Kelly says she is not cracking under the pressure to produce a successful follow-up.

"I'm not one to feel pressure, just because everything I do is going to be very different. Obviously, 'Thankful' is very different from 'Breakaway,' the second album. And this is going to be very different, as well. It's still got the whole rock-pop vibe, but it's kind of got certain songs too that have an extreme amount of soul in them, as well. It's like a throwback to Janis Joplin, Sly, a little Prince-ish. It's different, 10 steps more away from 'Breakaway."

'Addicted' to Kelly Clarkson