Baby Jolie-Pitt Already Dripping in Diamonds

6/2/2006 5:18 PM PDT

Baby Jolie-Pitt Already Dripping in Diamonds

Just a few days old and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh Nouvel is already receiving loads of celebrity swag.

A website called has sent a one-of-a-kind 14K gold and diamond studded pacifier worth $17,000. The binky is made of European white gold and 3 carats of white diamonds.

Interestingly, the design was inspired by the birth of Donald and Melania Trump's son Barron William.

While Brangelina have already given money to the African community which hosted them, including $300,000 dollars to two state hospital maternity wards, TMZ contacted CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, to see how much this binky would provide to an African community if its monetary worth were donated.


The $17,000 would pay for:

283 girls to go to school for one year

708 school kits - with pen, pencil, slate, pencil sharpener, erasers, notebooks and transportation of the supplies to remote areas.

61,000 people to eat for a day or feed 400 families for a month.

77 families to start small poultry businesses. Each family would get 25 chickens, a hen house, feed, and vaccinations for the chickens.

1,000 families to receive a fishing kit (two packs of twine, one pack of hooks) so they can fish to feed themselves.

10,000 safe delivery kits to help women give birth in communities or in emergencies where there is no hospital or clinic. The kits contain soap, razor blades, plastic sheeting, string and instructions to help facilitate a clean, safe delivery.

For more details on baby Jolie-Pitt's swag, check out 'The Fabulous Life: Brad & Angelina's Baby' Sunday, June 4 at 8:30PM on VH1.