Marc's $8,000 Love Letter

6/7/2006 3:37 PM PDT

Marc's $8,000 Love Letter

What possessed Marc Anthony to plunk down $8,000 for a full-page ad for his wife?

The crooner spent the money to honor his wife Jennifer Lopez, who picked up a 2006 Women in Film Crystal Award Tuesday night in LA.

The ad appeared in Tuesday's daily edition of Variety, which charges $8,000 for a full page ad. The ad was written like a movie script, outlining a scene at an award show, describing Lopez as "the most beautiful woman" and "Lola."

The kudos to La Lopez didn't stop there, as Tuesday's daily edition of Variety was all about the multi-talented Latina superstar. The magazine also featured three more ads from top studios as well as a two-page editorial on Lopez's life and acting career.